Exclusive Interview: Cory Rooney

By G. Leon


Exclusive Interview: Cory Rooney

"Zab Judah is the welterweight of our time!"

GL: Cory, can you tell us what your role with Team Zab Judah is? "Right now my role with Team Judah is, I have partnered up with Yoel on the management situation to help bring structure to whole situation. Focus is key and going into April 8 you're going to see a new Team Judah, you're going to see him focused on what the prize is and I'm not talking about the money I'm talking about the real prize, which is Floyd Mayweather Jr and everything he has going for him right now. This is a big opportunity for us and the whole world is going to be watching to see if Zab can really do what he does."

GL: I spoke with Floyd recently and he made it clear that he feels Judah's business people weren't taking care of business outside the ring to help Zab take care of business inside the ring.

Cory Rooney: "That was the last hurrah of all the foul business. A lot of that was trail of previous stuff, but January 7 was the clean-up of all of that. At the same time I know a lot of negative statements were made towards Don at the end of the fight and called on Zab to do everything he could to promote the fight. As a matter of fact the day of the fight they were waking him up at 6:30 in the morning when he should be resting. Sometimes when things go down like that and you're dealing with the emotion of the moment you're going to call it like you see. No one is making an excuse, it was what it was but all of that bad business is behind us now."

GL: As a result of the Baldomir fight, Zab's cut to fight Mayweather has gone down quite a bit...

CR: (cutting in) "I think that Zab is totally focused about April 8 and he's going to take the position that Mayweather is in. Mayweather is crazy to put his position on the line like this. The whole PPV look is going to be huge and I want to thank Floyd for giving us the light to share with you but come April 8, Zab's going to be the only one shining as he dominates the whole thing."

GL: What's the game plan for Zab and what do you bring to team?

CR: "Aside from structure, like I said, all of the business that wasn't right before is alright now. Moving forward all we need is the stage and April 8 is the stage. Everything that follows will be on the up and up. On the outside of the ring, whether it be Adidas or whatever endorsement comes along, we're going to build his career both inside the ring and outside the ring. First we need the stage to show the world who we are and what we do."

GL: The real stage is going to be on April 15 when the fight is shown on replay for free.

CR: "You're absolutely right...All of the true fight fans will tune in on April 8 but everybody that doesn't will be able to watch it on HBO the following week so that's the real stage. April 8 is the beginning of Zab Judah becoming a household name."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

CR: "Zab Judah is going to be the welterweight of our time. Back in the day we had Ray Leonard and Thomas Hearns, but Zab Judah is going to be our hero. Not Floyd Mayweather. Right now it seems like he is, but Zab Judah is the welterweight of our time and he's going to take that into the history books with him."


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