Exclusive Interview: Clarence "Bones" Adams

By Jose "OnFire" Aguirre


Exclusive Interview: Clarence "Bones" Adams

Jose Aguirre: What's going on Bones? What you been up to?

Bones Adams:"Hopefully I'll be fighting next month. Grabbing a little snack right now. May be fighting next month in El Paso, Texas."

JA: Are you in training now?

BA:"Yea I'm training right now. Not really hard, hard like if it was a world title fight but I'm training, getting in shape. I'm doing it slowly. I want to make sure I do things right this time."

JA: Any leads on who you may be fighting?

BA:"No not yet, not yet. That's the reason I'm just taking my time right now. Trying to get in shape a little bit. That's the reason I'm not trying to rush anything because if I rush and get in shape like that, for what ? I don't know. So I'm just trying to take my time and get in shape that way."

JA: Give us your thoughts on your last fight. Stopped in the fourth round due to cuts. [editor's note: In July 2003, Bones fought a technical draw against Manuel Sepeda. The bout went to the cards when Bones got cut]. How did you feel about that?

BA:"Well I felt like I should have won the fight. I took off some time from the last fight, almost a year or something like that. Just taking my time getting back in the ring. I was controlling the fight and I felt like I was winning three out of the four rounds or whatever. Then they called it a draw. i don't get it. Then I listened to the commentaters and I don't know what fight they were watching. The commentators were high or something, I don't know."

JA: What weight can we expect you to come in at ?

BA:"I'm going to move up. I'm moving up. I'm going to try to be the first bantamweight champ to move to heavyweight (laughs). Actually I'm walking around right now about 136-137 right now. I'm just going to fight this first fight probably about 130 but I'll be going back down to 126."

JA: What do you think of the top fighters at 126? Pacquiao, Juan Manuel Marquez and the other champions?

BA:"Who are the other champions? Scott Harris? The only one I really know is Manny Pacquiao, Marquez. Scott Harris I really don't know too much about but you know what I would love to fight Manny Pacquiao. Juan Manuel Marquez, I would fight him but I'd rather fight Manny Pacquiao out of those two. The bigger name, bigger everything."

JA: Injin Chi the WBC champion?

BA:"Never heard of him. Never seen him fight."

JA: Fought Erick Morales...

BA:(cutting in)"Tough guy. That was a hell of a fight. It was a week before my fight, I was over there watching. Hell of a fighter. Tough fight there."

JA: So what else is new with Bones Adams?

BA:"Everlast is starting to sponsor me now. Good company, they did a lot for me. I was up in Vegas, signing autographs and doing some things for them. Fernando (Vargas) was over there I guess with his clothing line."

JA: When can we expect you back in the ring?

BA:"Hopefully by the end of the year. No TV or anything like that. But for the next year hopefully have some big fights or a big fight at least next year. I love training fighters. I'm training a few people, couple of my friends. These fighters who aren't that good and that's why I enjoy it. I wish I could get some fighters and start training fighters and go that route. I love that, I love training and I'm knowledgable of the boxing. I've been in boxing for 25 years. I grew up with it. I can disect a fighter and tell you how to beat him. Just a gift like Emanuel Steward. He could look at a fighter and tell you how to beat him. You have to have the talent to go with it but we all know that. I don't care how great a trainer you are, you're no good without the talent. And the opposite. I don't care how great of a fighter you are if you don't have a great trainer to help you and back you, you're not going to do as well."

JA: Bones Adams the fighter and Bones Adams the trainer?




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