Exclusive Interview: Chris Smith

By Ray O. Campbell Jr.


Exclusive Interview: Chris Smith


RC: What’s going on Chris?

CS: I have just been working hard man, getting ready for this little jump off coming up, getting ready to go out there and do my thing.

RC: What can you tell us about your opponent Dillon Carew?

CS: He is a good fighter; I just want t put on a good exciting show. He has been a pro for a while, he is a former Olympian, he won a medal so I definitely have to come with my “A” game because he is a quality opponent

RC: How has preparation been so far?

CS: It’s been good, I got my trainer here with me, and we have been working verrry hard. So I feel very confident about this fight. To me it is just always about putting on a good show. I think it….I know it is going to be a good show that night.

RC: Carew is a southpaw, who have you looked to for assistance as far as sparring?

CS: Just regular guys that I have been working with, I make the most out of what I got, it is never really too much about sparring partners and what not, it is about getting the type of work that I need you know what I mean? I’m in tip top shape and it should be a very exciting night.

RC: Despite him being a former Olympian and all of that, he is 15-11-3(11), is it hard for you to get up for a guy like this?

CS: Nah not really because for me it is never really about the opponent, it is always about being impressive, so I am always going to go in there looking to put on a good show regardless of who I am fighting. I never let that get into my mind, because I have prepared myself for each and every fight like it is a world championship., As far as I am concerned I always have to be on my “A” game, because these guys when they see that they are fighting for a title, they get up. I got other people watching me and I got to always remind them exactly who I am, and the only way you do that is by performing and putting on a good show.

RC: I did an interview with another Welterweight Luis Collazo and he said he would love to take you on sometime in the near future, is that a fight that you see yourself taking in the near future?

CS: No, I am not even concerned, that is not even on my radar. I don’t think about that fight at all

RC: Is their any particular reason why?

CS: I am just looking for bigger and better things. At this point, I am not thinking about this guy what so ever, that is pretty much it. I like to talk about guys like (Kermit) Cintron, Corey Spinks and Margarito you know what I am saying? Guys of that nature, he is not even on my radar, not even a little bit.

I just want to get my upcoming fight out of the way then get ready for the big one.

RC: Last time we spoke, you said you weren’t looking for any mid level fights and this is more or less a mid level fight, is it just to keep busy?

CS: Definitely, definitely I am just taking this fight to keep busy. When they told me that it was an off T.V. show, at first I didn’t want it but then I said to myself I am not even going to act like I am so good that I can’t take a fight like this. So I figured I am just going to go ahead and get this right quick. And if I am fighting for a World title in December or January, this would be a good tune up fight, or a stay busy fight and by the time my next fight comes around it will be about time for me to fight again because I usually fight like every two to three months so that will be good for me, so I looking forward to the fight. I am looking forward to looking good, work hard and just use this fight to prepare myself for the big ones.


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