Exclusive Interview: Chad Dawson

By James Alden


Exclusive Interview: Chad Dawson

JA: Did the fight go exactly how you planned Chad?  "The fight didn’t go as planned for me because the kid was a lot tougher than I thought he would be. He went 8 rounds with me and I won a unanimous decision over him, I expected to win the fight earlier than that but its ok. Game planning wise I did everything that I was suppose to do."

JA: Did you learn anything form this fight Chad?

CD: I learn from every fight. After every fight I think I get a little better and learn a little bit more. It’s just being in the ring and fighting on a professional level. I think I learned a lot in the fight. The fight to me seemed more of a boxing show; I just boxed him for 8 rounds and got unanimous decision.

JA: I don’t know if you saw the interview that I did with your trainer Dan Birmingham? But he was telling me that he thinks you are ready to become a world champion now?

CD: Yes I am defiantly ready for a world title fight; I think that I have been ready for the last year for a title shot.

JA: Who would you like to fight for the title, you have Markus Beyer, Danny Green and I know that Jeff is with your trainer also Dan Birmingham. Who would you like to fight?

CD: I would fight anyone right now in the super middleweight division. I want to take on the best fighters in the super middleweight division so I will fight anybody. I think I am ready to take another step up and start fighting the best in the world.

JA: When would you like to fight next Chad? Have you and Gary Shaw discussed that?

CD: We haven’t discussed that, we are just sitting back and waiting right now. I think there is a rumor out there that Jeff Lacy is moving up to light heavyweight so that will open up his title. I hope that Jeff moves up to light heavyweight and then I can pick up the pieces that he left off.

JA: Do you feel that you are peaking right now in your career Chad?

CD: I defiantly feel that I am peeking right now, like I said I feel that I am getting better and better with each fight. Just working with Dan [Birmingham] and being around Jeff and Wink, I picked up a lot.

JA: I know that you are sparring with Jeff. How has that been for you?

CD: Jeff is looking real good in the gym; he is defiantly ready for Joe Calzaghe. Being around Jeff, Wink and Dan too lets me know that I am there and I am at that point where I am ready to make a break through.

JA: Is there any truth to the rumor that you knocked Jeff down in sparring?

CD: No there is no truth to that.

JA: Do you expect to be fighting on another Shobox card or possibly fighting on HBO?

CD: I am going to be fighting in England on the Lacy-Calzaghe under card, so look for me to be 22-0 after that fight. Hopefully by the end of the year I would like to be fighting on an HBO card. I think I am going to be doing another Shobox card where I am the main event sometime latter this year but I am not sure. Hopefully after that I can get on an HBO card and then go from there. But first I need to worry about the fight that I have coming up over in England.

JA: If you do win the title are you looking too unify the division?

CD: Yes. My goal is to be on the pound for pound list.

JA: What do you think of the Manfredo-Pemberton fight?

CD: I think that it’s a good fight for Peter. Scotty is a veteran; he probably is still the best super middleweight on the east coast. I think that it’s going to be a good fight.

JA: Do you think that Peter is a natural 168 pound fighter?

CD: I am pretty sure that he wouldn’t have moved up to 168 if he didn’t think that he could fight at 168. I think that moving up is a good move for him if he can’t make 160. Sometimes you can’t make the weight and you have to move up. Hopefully he brings some power when he comes to the division.

JA: Is there anything that you would like to say in closing?

CD: Just look out for me. I would like to thank all my fans for following me and 2006 is going to be my year.


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