Exclusive Interview: Cedric Boswell

By James Alden


Exclusive Interview: Cedric Boswell

JA: What have you been up to Cedric?  "Nothing much man. I tore my rotator cuff for the second time, I’ve rehabbed it and now I’m ready to get back in the ring and take care of business."

JA: Have the doctors given you the OK to get back in the ring and fight?

Cedric Boswell: I have the OK by the doctors to get back in the ring and fight.

JA: Now are you going to be fighting in 2005 or are you going to wait for a fresh start in 2006?

Cedric Boswell: We're actually trying to fight in December on the Best Damn Sports Show. I don’t know with whom yet, but they did give me a date for December.

JA: Is this going to be a tune-up fight or are you going to hop back in there with a top 50 prospect?

Cedric Boswell: As far as the gym goes I feel as though I never left. So it’s all depends on the guys that they bring to the table and then we will work from there. But I do think I am ready to fight one of the guys in the top 15-20 guys in the division.

JA: Does the rotator cuff feel good in sparring?

Cedric Boswell: The rotator cuff feels great. But as for sparring, yeah there is a little bit of rust. But once I get the rounds in I will feel much sharper.

JA: What do you think of the Heavyweight division right now?

Cedric Boswell: It’s not that great right now. I don’t see any consistency there. With a lot of the Heavyweights it seems as though they are just waiting for one shot and there not mixing up there punches.

JA: If you hadn't suffered your injury do you feel that you would be the heavyweight champion of the world by now?

Cedric Boswell: Definitely. I’ve believed that my whole boxing career and I do believe that I will be Heavyweight Champion.

JA: Did that bring you down a little bit with the Rotator Cuff injury?

Cedric Boswell: Well actually I had torn my rotator cup about 2 months before I fought Jamall Mcline. I thought that I needed to take the fight and that it was going to be an easy fight for me, and when I fought him I tore it again in the 4th round. A lot of people say that I got tired, which I did because basically I was fighting him with one hand. It was all a learning experience for me.

JA: Do you feel as if it was a blessing in disguise?

Cedric Boswell: It was a blessing in disguise for me. I learned a lot of things from that fight. To me, I think it was a pretty easy fight for me, I just ran out of gas in the later rounds.

JA: So a 100% Cedric Boswell would have taken care of Jamall Mcline?

Cedric Boswell: Definitely. If I didn’t tear my rotator cuff I would have knocked him out. If you watched the fight, you would have noticed I knocked him out 4 or 5 times and then the referee stopped the fight to put his mouth piece in right there, I couldn’t capitalize on that.

JA: Do you expect to return to heavyweight contention during 2006? 

Cedric Boswell: Oh yeah with out a doubt. Once I get back in there I want to fight as much as possible and fight regularly. When I first fought I was fighting at least once a month or every other month. That’s how you get sharp; I want to go down that road again.

JA: Now how many rounds are you going to start back off at?

Cedric Boswell: Probably 8 or 10 rounds.

JA: Klitchko and Rahman are fighting for the World title. Can I have your take on that fight?

Cedric Boswell: Rahman is a good puncher and it doesn’t seem like Klitchko likes to mix it up that much. If Rahman can get on the inside I think he should do well, but if not Klitchko may have his way with Rahman.

JA: Do you feel as though there is anybody out there that can give you a challenge?

Cedric Boswell: I’m not going to down grade anybody, with the Heavyweight division all it takes is one punch. But I think with my boxing skills, I’m more superb than a lot of the Heavyweight’s out there.

JA: Is there anything that you would like to say in closing to your fans out there?

Cedric Boswell: I just want to tell my fans that I’m back and I’m 100%. You never really seen 100% of me and now I guarantee that I’m 100%. The fans are going to be seeing a lot of me.