Exclusive Interview: Carlos Hernandez

By B. Artest


Exclusive Interview: Carlos Hernandez

BT: You're back for the first time in a long time tomorrow night in the Main Event of Telefutura. What made you want to return to boxing following a two year layoff?  "It's that itch that one gets.  When you're surrounded by many young guys at the gym, and them saying, I could still do that.  That's what happpened to me.  It gave me the feeling of needing to finish with a bang, which is something that I didn't do when I stopped two years ago."

BT: Prior to the fight with Kevin Kelley you lost two very close and controversial decisions to Bobby Pacquiao and Jesus Chavez. Did those losses kill your desire to box?

Carlos Hernandez:  It was part of it, I would have to say.  I don't want to blame everything on that, it had a little bit to do with it.  I was like, my gosh, again.  I'm just going to do what I have to do, train, whatever.  I don't want to take anything away from Kevin Kelley's performance.  It wasn't there.  I felt when I was getting ready, it was something I had to do.  It's a chore, it's a job, and I have to do it.  It's not like I didn't train, I did.  I put in my hours, I put in my time, but I didn't do it with that desire, that hunger that I need to have if I want to win.

BT: You've got a new team around you, this is the first time you're working with Danny Smith. What has that experience been like?

CH:  It's been a very good one, we've had a great camp.  I feel very confident with bringing home a win, because of the prepararation I've had with Danny Smith.  I feel good, I liked it, I think we clicked, it was a great experience for me.

BT: You'll be facing Hector Altatorre, what do you know about him?

CH: What I know is that he's a tough character.  I just saw one of his fights, and it seemed like he was a very tough character.  He likes to come in and make it a fight, which I hope he does, that's what I like.  That's just my style, it should be a good fight and I'm confident we can go the 10 rounds, if we have to.

BT: Is this the kind of fight that will let everyone, but most importantly yourself, know where you stand as it relates to how you move forward from here?

CH: Of course, it does.  Then I'm going to have to be realistic and say, I'm coming off of a two year lay off.  I don't expect for me to come off and knock this guy out.  I still want to look as good, I need to perform at my best.  That's the main thing.  I need to know, myself, that I did my best.  If that's what I did, then that's what's most important to me.

BT: Golden Boy Promotions promotes the vast majority of elite lightweights, how long before you see yourself mixing it up with a Marquez, Casamayor, Diaz, Guzman, or Katsidis?

CH: I'm hoping by next year.  I'm hoping that we take this guy, we beat this guy, we come back for one more fight at the end of the year, and hopefully it will line us up for a decent fight in the coming year.

BT: Does any one of those names I just mentioned tickle your fancy more than the other?

CH:  All of them.  Well, Marquez and Casamayor, those two guys, to me, are the names I would like to face.  Those two guys are indeed the top echelon of the lightweight division.  I would love to fight them.  I know both of them very well, they're both class act people.  I respect and admire most of them, actually most of the 135 fighters are very nice, very good fighters, and I admire all of them.  They're very good, and Iwant to say I want to beat and confront one of these young guys.

BT: What's going to be the biggest difference between Carlos Hernandez the 130 pounder and the lightweight?

CH:  I think the biggest difference is I don't have to struggle to make weight, and be weak for a fight.  I was for a few years, before the Kelly fight, I was feeling a little dehydrated and weak before a fight.  Even though I've never been knocked out, I don't feel I was fully there, with my full potential, giving it my all, because of not being able to make the weight.  Now I think I'll be making the weight easier, it's going to be to my advantage. 

BT: Altatorre appears to be a pretty durable guy, do you expect this fight to go the distance?

CH:  Yes, I'm not looking for the knockout, but if it comes, I'll welcome it.  Of ocurse, I'm ready to go the 10 rounds.  He's never been stopped, he's durable, like you said.  I think he's a former UFC fighter, or oneof those MMA fighters, so I know he's a tough guy.  We're going to have to see how tough he really is.

BT: I appreciate your time, is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

CH:  I'd like to say thank you to the fans, and thank you BoxingTalk for your support throughout the years.  We're coming back for another hurrah.