Exclusive Interview: Byron Oglesby

By James Alden


Exclusive Interview: Byron Oglesby

JA: I recently talked to Robert about the possible Scott Pemberton fight; can I have your thoughts on that possible match up?  "Is he sick of getting knocked out already? (Laughing). If it’s decent money and he can brush the dirt of his forehead then it will be no problem fighting Scott Pemberton. If his cat scan is good then we can line him up. Just let him know that he’s got to get off the suspension list first."


JA: I was talking to Robert earlier and he said that he wants to fight a tune-up first before 2005 is over.


BOA: (Cutting In). Yeah where working on something and hopefully it comes through. Robert Allen is in the gym training, his weight is down. What we're trying to do is put some things in place where he don’t have to suck the weight down like he was doing at middleweight. My guy is a southpaw and he can punch and when he is right he’s got a real great chance against anybody he faces. I commend Scott Pemberton for wanting to fight after he just got knocked out.


JA: Do you think the punch looked worse than it actually was?


BOA: Well he wasn’t going to win anyways. It’s boxing so you can’t totally dismiss anybody. Scott Pemberton is still rated and if he wants to fight just get the contracts in place and we will sign. Then can live up to his reputation as a banger.


JA: I just got off the phone with his promoter Jimmy Burchfield and they want to sit down and talk with Scott first. He told me in order to have a fight you have to have networks; do you think that this fight can get televised if this fight did come to fruition?


BOA: It’s like this really; Scott Pemberton at the end of the day is just going to be an opportunity for Rob. The way things are going at 168 with Lacy and the other champions, Robert Allen will fit in the picture extremely well. Who else is there?


JA: You have a couple of up and coming prospects coming up.


BOA: Ok you have a couple of up and coming prospects coming up but they haven’t been up against World class opposition so all they are really is prospects. My guy can fight he’s been in with quality guys at 160. What other guys at 168 have been tested? Scot Pemberton has beaten who?


JA: Sheika twice.


BOA: Alright there ya go. Who has Sheika beat?


JA: He went the distance with Lacy.


BOA: He went the distance with Lacy in his first title defense and that was Jeff’s 17th pro fight. I definitely don’t think that he can go the distance with Lacy now. The other fighters at 168 that will end up being the cream of the division are going up.


JA: Do you think that the year layoff had an effect on Scott?


BOA: Well layoffs are never good. Boxing is a funny business, there not going to judge you by that fight no matter what we say at the end of the day. Vargas never did anything in his last fight but if he beats Shane Mosley in sensational fashion, everyone will forget about his last fight.


JA: The old saying goes, your only as good as your last fight.


BOA: Exactly.


JA: You guys seem very excited about moving up to Super Middleweight. It seems as though it’s a refresher to get out of the Middleweight division.


BOA: Well the thing is where just taking our time and not rushing anything. Where just taking it a little bit at a time with training. When I start to see the hunger start to heat up then we will pick up the pace. Robert’s been doing a lot of good things in the gym. The biggest thing that a person needs to remember about boxing is don’t ever count out a good fighter. Ask about Nate Campbell, Glenn Johnson, Hasim Rachman who got knocked out twice, Zab Judah I mean the list is long. That’s why you got to love this game of boxing.


JA: So is the Pemberton fight serious or do you think that it’s all talk?


BOA: If they put a contract in front of us then it makes sense. Pemberton can lace um up, train hard and he still be where he was last week. In all honesty whether it is Scott Pemberton or any of the other Super Middleweights it’s for real.


JA: Is there anything that you would like to say in closing?


BOA: The only thing that I want to say in closing is that Robert Allen is back in training. Hopefully something may happy with Pemberton and if this article gets by Gary Shaws office well. We're ready to take on all comers and Robert Allen is back up in the super middleweight division and we would really love for a fight with Lacy because Lacy never fought a southpaw before. Hopefully one of the fights can be made but if not then we have other options on the table. Any one who is interested in a fight, let’s make it happen.