Exclusive Interview: Buddy McGirt

By James Alden


Exclusive Interview: Buddy McGirt

JA: Can you tell us your thoughts on the Fernando Vargas-Shane Mosley fight? "I was surprised that Shane beat Fernando. I think it was a fight that they both needed and a fight that boxing needed. It’s good to see the best fight the best."

JA: So you thought that Fernando’s power was going to outdo Shane’s speed?

BM: I thought that if Fernando mixed his aggressive skills with his aggression I thought he would be better and the winner of the fight. From what I am hearing he didn’t do that but I didn’t see the fight, I was there but I didn’t see the fight.

JA: Do you think that this puts Shane Mosley on a whole other level with this win?

BM: I think it takes his to where he needs to be in the Junior Middleweight division.

JA: He was saying that he wants to move back down to 147, do you think that is a better fit for him?

BM: I think that those guys at 154 are a little too big. I have to really see the fight to really give my take on it.

JA: Antonio Tarver- Bernard Hopkins fight was agreed to in principle by both fighters. Can you tell us a little bit about that fight?

BM: I am waiting for them to call me up and tell me that it’s done and then I can go from there. I would rather not comment on the fight till all the contracts are finalized and I hear something. 

JA: Arturo has been looking fabulous. He was shutting Thomas Damgaard out in the fight till he stopped him in the 11th round. Tell us how Arturo has been improving with you in the gym?

BM: I think that he is doing great. Saturday he called me and we spoke and he said that you will be seeing me soon.

JA: Arturo came out and responded really good coming off the Floyd Mayweather fight. Were you surprised at how well Arturo responded coming back from the loss to Floyd?

BM: Not at all. My main concern was to see how he looked in the gym when he came back, after the first day that he was back in the gym he looked good so I wasn’t really concerned about that.

JA: When you first started training Arturo was he a raw fighter or just a brawler…

BM: [Cutting In] Arturo always had the boxing ability. I just think that he had to be reminded of that and had to have it brought out of him.

JA: Stevie Johnston is really progressing nicely after taking a year off from the ring. Can you comment on Stevie progression?

BM: Stevie is taking it one fight at a time and where moving up the latter. He has the IBO title so he is a title holder and he is in a really good position.

JA: Do you think that Stevie is back to full speed with the fights. I know that a couple of fights that he had were tune-ups to get some rounds under his belt.

BM: We take each fight one fight at a time to gradually get it back but Stevie got it back and right now where just seeing what they got planned and see what they have out there for him. I believe that Stevie can become a world champion at 140.

JA: I know that your son James is doing really well. Tell us how he is progressing as a fighter.

BM: Thank you. He is coming along good right now; he is finding himself and is really building up his confidence. James is progressing at the pace that I would like him too.

JA: Is there anything that you would like to say in closing?

BM: I just like to tell all the fans out there thank you for the support, I really appreciate it. As long as GOD blesses me I will give 150% to my fighters and to my fans.


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