Exclusive Interview: Brandon “The Truth” Vera

By Percy Crawford


Exclusive Interview: Brandon “The Truth” Vera

UFC’S brightest young heavyweight prospect pulls no punches in this must read interview!

PC: How has training gone for your fight at UFC 65?

BV: Training’s gone good man; really good. I’m happy with my training and my trainer is real happy with my training. You know, most people say they do 3-a-days as hype for the paper, but I’ve been doing 3-a-days. I’ve done 6 weeks of 3-a-days and I just started doing 2-a-days two and a half weeks ago. Training has been good. I’m tired of training.

PC:  Who are some of the people you have been training with?

BV: Ah man. I train with Rob Cammon for my stand up and Lloyd Irvin for everything else; my conditioning and my ground work. He’s even there for my game plan when we’re going into my MMA fight and my mental training. I also have a lot of training partners. The list goes on and on. It’s the who’s who of fighters right now. It’s crazy.

PC: Frank Mir is a dangerous opponent. How did this fight come about?

BV: I guess I’m the up-and-coming superstar is what they keep saying about me. Frank Mir is the ex-champ, but he didn’t lose until after the motorcycle accident, then he started getting his butt handed to him. Their motivating him like, you used to be the champ and now you need to pick it up. You do or you die right now. They put him in a situation to where he’s either going to produce or he’s not. It kind of makes my job a little harder. I wish they would’ve told him that last fight. “Oh, by the way you’re going to fight Brandon Vera and if you lose you’re not fighting anymore.” I’m like, why tell him that now.

PC: A lot of people don’t believe Mir is the same fighter he was before the accident. How do you view him as a fighter?

BV: All we’re doing physically is preparing for the best Frank Mir ever. That’s how I’m keeping him in my mind. If his game starts to slip a little bit, then the openings will be there and I’ll capitalize on them when I can.

PC: The last time we saw you was at UFC 60, when you submitted Assuerio Silva. Did you expect that fight to be so easy for you?

BV: No sir. Hell no, that’s Assuerio Silva. No, that man was what, 30-3? He’s bad. He was one tough dude. It’s not like I got lucky because luck is for people that aren’t prepared and not ready to fight. It’s like hitting the lotto. It was just part of the game plan for me. We were actually going over that in the locker room; when he shoots for that double grab; that Guillotine. That was part of the game plan. I didn’t think he would get caught that quick, but once I had it I knew it was in. I was happy.

PC: The main event of the night is Matt Hughes vs. George St. Pierre. Who do you think will pull that fight out?

BV: I want GSP to pull it out. Yeah, I want him to win bad. I just (pause) Matt’s attitude is so bad. His head is too big right now. He’s a hypocrite, that’s the biggest thing. He’ll tell people not to do this and that and then turn around and do the same shit he just told everybody not to do. Come on! It’s time for him to be dethroned. He’s not even a good fighter. He’s not technically sound and B.J. Penn proved it. B.J. Penn exposed Matt Hughes for what he is. First 2 rounds he punished Matt Hughes. He made Matt look like he had never fought in the UFC before. He was hitting him with jabs, cross kicks, throwing him on the ground and mounted him. He made Matt Hughes look bad. B.J. just, either he got hurt he said or he just gassed. Matt Hughes sucks. He’s just very well conditioned and he’s pig headed, he’ll keep on fighting. As a technical fighter, he’s horrible.

PC: The co-main event I’m sure you’re interested in because it’s for the heavyweight title. Who do you have in the Silvia vs. Monson fight?

BV: I still have that fight slated as 50/50. If it stays on the feet, Tim’s going to win and if it goes to the ground, Jeff’s going to win; hands down. It’s a you pickem. I would like to see Jeff win because I really believe Jeff deserves it. It’s his time. He’s paid his dues. He’s got so many fights and grappling tournaments and his body was just riddled with injuries and surgeries and problems. It’s time for him to win. I just hope he pulls it off. Sylvia’s name should be Opey. It shouldn’t be Tim Sylvia, it should be that Opey guy over there. When you think of a champ, I don’t know I mean GSP could hold the title of champ. That’s what a champion should look like. You look at Tim and its like, “Oh!”

PC: You’re definitely not going to make many friends with this interview B.

BV: Who me? Yeah, I don’t need…I got enough friends. I got my friends and my family, so I’m happy.

PC: It’s been said you can make light heavyweight fairly easy. Are you willing to drop down or is the heavyweight division where you want to be at?

BV: I don’t mind dropping down as long as they want to pay me what it’s worth. As long as they pay me my worth, I’m game to do what they need. I’m trying to build my bank account and stack my funds, but I’m also trying to help the sport grow. The more popular MMA becomes and the bigger my name is and the bigger the sport goes we could all get paid. That’s the main goal.

PC: You’re the head trainer at City Boxing. Which is more difficult, preparing yourself for a fight or preparing someone else for their fight?

BV: I think it’s preparing me for a fight. Fighting is hard on me. The training is hard and mentally it’s hard. There’s a lot of guys all tough and say, there not worrying about this or that because they like to fight. Not me man. It’s nerve racking to me. I’m always nervous, I can’t sleep at night. I think about them before I go to bed and then wake up thinking about them, so it’s nerve racking. Once we touch gloves, then my attitude changes. I think, “he showed up, he really thinks he can beat me.” That’s when it all starts to become okay. I hate the anticipation.

PC: You seem to be comfortable on the ground or standing; whereas Mir’s last fight was fought mainly on the ground. Where do you see this fight ending up?

BV: I think we’ll be on our feet for the first round. Frank Mir is most dangerous on his back. I haven’t really seen him hurt too many people while he was on top. He may punch you a couple of times, but he’s not going to finish anybody from the top. I would like to get him tired in the first round then it doesn’t matter where we end up. It’s all good once I get him tired.

PC: I know you are very busy, so I definitely appreciate the interview. Do you have any sponsors to shout out?

BV: Yeah, I want to thank City Boxing, Century West Mortgage, Tribal Clothing and Crazy Kevin’s Hobby Shop. 


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