Exclusive Interview: Bouie Fisher and Bernard Hopkins Part I

By G. Leon


Exclusive Interview: Bouie Fisher and Bernard Hopkins Part I

GL: How has everything been going in camp?

How’s Bernard doing? “Bernard is doing good. Everything seems to be on schedule for us. We’re feeling pretty good with the way everything’s gone, and he’s going to be ready to perform next weekend.

GL: You guys are no stranger to Robert Allen, you’ve already trained Bernard to fight him twice, has anything been done differently in training for this third fight?

Bouie Fisher: There’s nothing really different. We’re getting ready to fight a tough guy who could fight so we’re not going to overlook anything. We have to go back over crack and every crevice that we’ve been through before and just try to put it all together again. This is going to be a tough fight, tough and we understand that. This is a do or die situation for Allen, so we’re training very seriously.

GL: Many people are overlooking Robert Allen, and basically focusing on Hopkins-De La Hoya already. Has that made it any more difficult for you to make sure remain on top of his game? Or is that something he’s already on top of on his own?

BF: He handles a lot of that on his own, because Bernard isn’t the type to overlook anything. Robert Allen, like I’ve said before, is a tough guy. The first fight was a fluke, in the second fight we took care of business but it wasn’t easy then. This guy knows that his career is on the line so he’s going to come with everything he’s got, and he’s going to do everything in his power to win it.

GL: Do believe Bernard will be as dominant against Allen this time around as he was in the rematch?

BF: This is going to be a competitive fight. Bernard is not going to run in and try to dominate this guy. We know we’re going to have to fight this guy. When you going in there thinking you’re going to dominate the fight, it’s a mistake. We’re not thinking in terms of dominating, we’re thinking in terms of winning. And Bernard is going to do everything he needs to do to make sure he wins.

GL: There are many critics who believe the De La Hoya fight may not happen, especially if Bernard looks as strong as he did on December 13 against William Joppy. How do you view that situation?

BF: I don’t think De La Hoya is going to pull out of anything. Because if De La Hoya wins this next fight he’ll become a champion in another division, and if he gives Bernard Hopkins a competitive fight he has a chance of winning, so then how big would he be?

GL: As you said, this is a fight where Robert Allen’s career is basically on the line. With that being said, do you expect Allen to come into this fight like a man possessed?

BF: Certainly, I mean he should. That’s what I’d be trying to do if I were him because this is a hell of a chance for him.

GL: What did you think about the Jones-Tarver rematch?

BF: Well, I think if Jones would have fought the type of fight he usually fights, where he tries to get outside and box, the fight would have been totally different. He had a much better chance of winning that win than by going in there and trying to prove that he’s a gangsta or something. If you’ve been a smart fighter whose always won by boxing and moving, you don’t suddenly change that to do something else. You do what you’ve been doing to win.

GL: Do you think Jones decided to fight that way because maybe Tarver got under his skin, the way Bernard has gotten under so many fighters skin?

BF: That happens and it’s possible that it happened to him. As much of a pro as he is, sometime you go in there trying to prove something, especially when the other person has gotten the best of the talking. He may have gotten under his skin a little bit because Roy came in there trying to prove that he was still the man.

GL: I’ve been hearing that Bernard has been brutalizing his sparring partners, is that true?

BF: We here learning…I wouldn’t even lie to you, we’re not bringing guys in here to beat them up, we’re bringing them in to learn because if we beat them up, they’re no good for us. If somebody told you he was beating the shit out of these guys, maybe that person didn’t know what he was looking at. All that stuff people talk about the Philadelphia wars, that bullshit, BULLSHIT. Competitive sparring is different thats brutalizing sparring.

GL: Do you believe Robert Allen has become a better fighter since the last time he and Bernard fought or do you believe he’s deteriorated as a fighter since the second fight?

BF: I haven’t seen too much of Robert Allen lately, but I know one thing, to be a professional fighter and still be in the game, he’s had to have improved. I don’t think you could stay at one level unless you’ve already reached your full potential. Unless a guy has really been brutalized he always has the opportunity to improve.

GL: On several occasions Robert Allen has said that Bernard was looking for the easy way out in the first fight, and quit to avoiding taking a beat down that night. How do you feel about that?

BF: The only message I could give Robert Allen is, look at the fight. In the very first round, he was scared to death, like a little bitch, slapping with his punches. Bernard was boxing him, and unfortunately when Mills Lane broke a clinch Bernard fell out of the ring and hurt himself. But in the second fight there was nobody breaking the clinches and he had the chance to do everything he said he was going to do, all of that horseshit he talked about for the first fight, but we all saw what happened there.

GL: He got brutalized in the second fight, that’s why I askomg you if you feel he’s deteriorated as a fighter since then.

BF: (laughs) Robert Allen is coming in the dynamic position to be great if he wins the fight. And he’s a damn fool if he’s not doing his best to get ready for this fight, because he’s fighting the best, obviously. If he comes to win, we’re here to win, and we’re not overlooking anything, so it should be a great fight on June 5.

GL: Heading into Bernard’s last fight with William Joppy, most would have agreed that Joppy, at that point in time was the second best middleweight in the world. Bernard made him look like the elephant man. Will this fight Allen be any more difficult than Bernard’s last fight with Joppy was? And if so, how?

BF: I think it will be equally as tough as Joppy. Joppy might have had a little more experience. It doesn’t matter how the fights look on paper or how people think it’s going to go, you need to see the fight and wait for it to be over with before you can say too much about it.


GL: What’s good Bernard?

Bernard Hopkins: Everything is fine. I’ve been down here working, just winding everything down. I can speak for me, since I’m the athlete in the ring. Bouie has his own personality on how to answer certain questions, but I’ve been fucking all of the sparring partners up every day I’ve been here. So whoever gave you that analysis and that info wasn’t lying to you. I’m ready and I’m going to send a message on June 5.

Part II of this juicy exclusive hour long, one on one with Bernard Hopkins will be released tomorrow morning, stay tuned.


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