Exclusive Interview: Bones Adams

By Dominic Fernandez


Exclusive Interview: Bones Adams

It has been almost two full years since Clarence “Bones” Adams last stepped into the ring.  With such along layoff the former Super Bantamweight Champion reflects back on his career and where he feels he’s headed.  In this interview with Boxing Talk Bones Adams speaks his mind on what could have been and what will be in the coming future.  Boxing Talk: What do you see in your return to the ring really happening and what are your imminent plans?  Bones Adams: I want one fight to Tune-up and then I want a fight with that Southern California boy Israel Vasquez.

BoxingTalk:  Bones it’s been two years man what’s the deal?  When are you getting back into the ring?

Bones Adams:  Brother its been a lil’ while but I’m ready for my return and right now I’m just waiting for the right deal to come along and get back in the ring.  I’ve been gone awhile but I know what I have left in the tank and I know what I am capable of so there’s no doubting what can take place on my behalf.  I’ve been around this game along time so I know the ends and outs and what it takes to prepare myself for this fight game.   I’m looking forward to getting back in the ring and being World Champion again.

BoxingTalk:  Bones you’ve been gone two years from this game.  What makes you really think you can get back to that championship caliber status?

 Bones Adams:  Look like I said I’ve been boxing for along time. I have a lot of experience under my belt and I know what I can and cannot do.  All I need is one fight and within 8 months I’ll be ready for a title shot.  I want Israel Vasquez in that time frame and I’ll be World Champion again.  I know Vasquez has a few fights lined up but I’ll be ready for him when his obligations are up.  It would be a good fight!  Then I’ll move up in weight to 126 and hopefully get a shot at Juan Manuel Marquez.  Marquez is bad motherfucker.

BoxingTalk:  Being such at an elite level at one time what fighter has impressed you threw out the years?

Bones Adams:  James Toney, Man I grew up with that kid.  When I first saw him James was a very brash talking kid.  He use to say back then that he was going to end up Heavyweight Champion some day and really I didn’t think anything of that because back then he was really just a scrawny kid so I laughed at such a notion.  Look at him now the man did it.  I have a lot of respect for that youngster!!

BoxingTalk:  With the two Paulie Ayala fights what would you change about the first fight and what would you change about the rematch if you could? 

Bones Adams:  The first fight I wouldn’t have started off so slow.  I won the fight but shit that’s boxing.  For the second fight I would have just fought the same fight that I did for the first one.  Looking back on that whole time I really regret having the attitude that I carried on into the second fight.  I thought shit what is it going to take to get the victory?  I felt shit if they didn’t reward me with the victory in the last fight then there’s no way I’m going to get the decision for the second one.  My attitude was really pessimistic going into that rematch so I really didn’t have right frame of mind that I should have had.  It’s a mistake I will never make again.  You always have to put forth your best effort when you step into that ring and I didn’t accomplish that back then. 


BoxingTalk:  Seeing how the fight game in the last couple of weeks has shaped out whom do you feel is the best fighter in the World?


Bones Adams:  Without a doubt Floyd Mayweather.  Man I really feel sorry for Gatti; Gatti has never seen a fighter like Mayweather.   He’s going to encounter a whole different realm when he steps into that ring with Mayweather.  Honestly he’s going to make Gatti quit.  Gatti quit against Manfready and he wanted to quit against Ward during their first encounter and he’s going to quit in this fight. 


BoxingTalk:  I truly agree with you on what Mayweather brings to the table.  He is today’s definition of a Master, Boxer, and Puncher.  He can beat you in so many ways and it’s just a clinic to watch that man fight. 


Bones Adams:  He is great to watch.  Look Gatti’s only chance is the punchers chance.  I can even guarantee you that if he lands that punch he will never land it again.


BoxingTalk:  Back to the fight you want with Israel Vasquez.  I don’t see how he would not want the fight seeing that he could add your name under his belt?


Bones Adams:  Exactly, after just one fight I’ll take him on.  If that’s how he would see it as just adding a high profile name under his belt more power to him.  Lets make it happen!  I want that fight.


BoxingTalk:  If there was one thing that you could change about the sport of boxing what would it be.


Bones Adams:  Freedom!!  Man we need more freedom.  Like stopping us from promoting things like Golden Palace.  Man that is some bullshit.  We can’t enter the ring without promoting something that the promoters are not making money off of.  This is fucking bullshit!  They make us sign a contract stating we can’t promote things like Golden Palace.  I’ve even gone to court about shit like this.  It’s like stopping Michael Jordan from wearing his Nikes.  N.B.A. is not stopping that from happening.  Let us make our money.  Not everybody makes big money in this fight game and if there’s a chance for us to make a lil’ extra money so be it.  The lengths these people go threw to hold fighters back.  We put our lives on the line for this shit and we can’t have this type of freedom!