Exclusive Interview: Bernard Hopkins Part 2

By G. Leon


Exclusive Interview: Bernard Hopkins Part 2

GL: In a perfect world, would you have loved for Felix Trinidad to be your twentieth defense? "I would love for it to happen in Philadelphia within the next twelve months but it's something that's not going to happen. I stopped thinking about Trinidad as a realistic fight more than two years. In the past I was more than workable and ready to make that fight, but they never wanted to make the fight because Don King Felix Trindiad can't beat Bernard Hopkins. Don King knows Trinidad would get RUINED by Bernard Hopkins.

"You've got the signed agreements for the Roy Jones Jr. and Felix Trinidad fights! I gave them to you so I know you've got them, and I know you've gotten calls from people questioning whether or not you really had the SIGNED contracts.

"I don't even have to plead my case anymore and I don't need to depreciate my value by mentioning Trinidad. Everytime Trinidad steps out of his house he's going to hear, 'when are you going to fight Hopkins'.

"From what I understand the fans don't want him to fight Bernard Hopkins again. They want him to stick around and they know enough to know that Bernard Hopkins isn't the way for him to go.

"Trinidad can't beat Bernard Hopkins and both Don's know that, so it's a fight that's definitely not happening any time soon.

"Tito is going to continue to fight guys that stand in front of him. They're going to continue to stick up their fans with these kind of fights.

"They stuck the people up with the Cherifi fight and they're going to look to stick the public up again. Trinidad isn't even worth talking about to me.

GL: I think it's worth talking about because it's a big money fight, a fight that brings money. The two biggest fights out there for you are De La Hoya and Trinidad.

BH: "Look Greg, whatever he brings my thing is this, he's not the best. I am the best fighter in the world, pound for pound. Him bringing the money doesn't justify him being on my level. Just like he wanted it with De La Hoya, switch the names on the contracts. Who in the hell does he think he is?

"They come with this nonsense through his father, because he can't think for himself, and let's see if they do what they wanted Oscar to do for them. Switch the names on the contracts and then you'll get my attention.

GL: Will your next fight be promoted by Top Rank?

BH: "Possibly."

GL: Technically speaking, Bernard Hopkins is still a promotional free agent?

BH: "Yes.  But I will say it again, Bob Arum is the top promoter in boxing and he treated me well. We helped each other and I have to give him credit for respecting the Muhammad Ali act. He had a plan for the two fights without having anything on the side. He came the right way treated me properly unlike other promoters.

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