Exclusive Interview: Barry Hunter

By Brad Cooney


Exclusive Interview: Barry Hunter

Boxingtalk ran into coach Barry Hunter in Tunica, Mississippi Saturday night.  It has been reported that Hunter will be named the WBO trainer/manager of the year.  With the success of Anthony and Lamont Peterson, and heavyweight contender Tony Thompson, and all of the work that this class act has done both inside and outside of the ring, he is well deserved of the award.  Hunter gives us an update on both Petersons as well as Thompson. 

BT – Coach it's been reported that you were named the trainer of the year by the WBO, what are your thoughts on that?

BH – It's really amazing, years ago I was blessed when USA boxing gave me coach of the year.  To be named coach of the year by the WBO  is amazing.

BT – Ty Barnette did well tonight, give us your thoughts on his performance against Donnell Logan.

BH – I thought he did really good. He hasn't fought since May up in D.C.  For him to come out here and do as well as he did was impressive.

BT – It looked to me like he was rusty in the first round, but found his groove from round 2 on.

BH – That's exactly right, he had a little bit of rust but picked up and cruised from the 2nd round on.

BT – Prospect Mark Davis is training under you now, talk about his performance.

BH – Well Mark is a funny story, I have known him since he was 10 years old.  I had a kid fight him in the amateurs in the sliver gloves about 10 years ago.  It was a crash course, and normally his dad was with him.  His dad called and asked if I could coach him, they said that he wanted to be a headbanger.  I know his history, he knows me, I know him, so it's a good relationship.

BT – How do you assess his performance tonight?

BH – I thought he did well tonight, I would like to see him in better condition.  He is just off of fighting in the U.S. Championships to qualify for the trials.  He has a lot to learn still, and if Mark was in better shape tonight, I think he would have knocked his opponent out.  His opponent had a lot of amateur fights, and a lot of experience.

BT – Anthony and Lamont Peterson are really making some noise in the world of boxing.  What are you plans for Anthony in 2008?

BH – Hopefully 2008 will be the year that we make a mad assault on the boxing world.  We just saw Juan Diaz beat Julio Diaz.  Juan is a class act, he's an excellent human being.  We want to stand before him and compete with him.  There are other names out there as well, David Diaz, Nate Campbell, Casamayor, it reminds me of the days of Hearns, Leonard, Duran. 

BT – Lamont's last performance was impressive, what's the latest with him?

BH – There is talks about Lamont fighting Paul Malginaggi.  We know Paulie from the amateurs and I am proud of his accomplishments.  Whoever has those belts?  That's who we are going for.

BT – If a fight with Lamont Peterson and Paulie Malignaggi does come to fruition, how do you see that match up?

BH – They are both very skilled, people say that Paulie doesn't have a lot of power.  The man won a world title, and they don't just hand you world titles, so you have to respect that.  Lamont also has great hand speed, he is strong, and he can fight both on the inside and the outside.  Lamont has matured so much in his last efforts he looks great.  I also want to talk about Tony Thompson, my heavyweight.  He destroyed Dominick Guinn, he stopped Krasniqi, right after that, and he just came off of a 2nd round knockout.  We are looking to fight Sultan next.

BT – Do you have any closing thoughts for the fans?

BH – We are doing our thing, and when you see the headbangers coming, you know you are going to see a show, and it's going to one of quality.


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