Exclusive Interview: Antonio Margarito

By Michael Gonzalez


Exclusive Interview: Antonio Margarito

Boxingtalk recently caught up with former WBO welterweight champ and current contender Antonio Margarito.  The Tijuana Tornado makes it clear that he plans on fighting Zab Judah and then moving on to either Miguel Cotto or even back up to junior middleweight to face WBC 154 pound champion Vernon Forrest. 
BT:       What’s new?
AM:     Not sure yet, there are some names being discussed for April 26, nothing has been confirmed, but I should know by today or tomorrow.
BT:       Is it going to be Zab Judah then Miguel Cotto?
AM:     Yeah, that’s the plan, one fight before Cotto?
BT:       What are your thoughts on Judah? Do you view this as a tune-up type fight?
AM:     No, no way. I know I have to prepare myself well for Judah. He’s a dangerous fighter and he lasted 11 rounds against Cotto, so we’ll see how he long he lasts against us.
BT:       Any plans after Cotto?
AM:     Yeah, fight Cotto this year but also challenge Oscar De La Hoya to fight on May 3.  He’s looking at 140 pounders to fight in Mexico, we’ll we’re right here if he wants to do it, all the way up to 154. Best of all we can give the Mexican fans two of it’s best.
BT:       Vernon Forrest has also mentioned your name.
AM:     Yeah, and we would be willing to go to 154, he has the WBC title.
BT:       What would you like to say to everyone?
AM:     Thank you for your support, I dedicate all my fights to my fans.  Hopefully they will see me fighting very soon.


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