Exclusive Interview: Anthony Thompson

By G. Leon


Exclusive Interview: Anthony Thompson

The Tiger eager to pounce on Klitschko

GL:  What's the latest and greatest with you, what can you fill us in on?  "I can't fill you in on anything unfortunately.  It's all in Wladimir's, the IBF's and HBO's hands.  Once they decide we're worthy enough to fight, they'll put pen to paper, and make it a reality."

GL:  We all know that Klitschko has two mandatories, one with you and one with Povetkin.  You want yours to get enforces first. Can you tell us why you feel you're the more deserving challenger  to the champion than Povetkin is?

Anthony Thompson:  First of all, I've been waiting longer than Povetkin.  Just to be fair about it, I don't know if I'm any more deserving as a fighter than Povetkin.  I've been waiting longer, I've fought tougher competition, and it's just my time.

GL:  What did you think about Klitschko-Ibragimov?

AT:  I don't think about it, it was ugly.  I do what everybody else does that saw it, pretend I didn't. 

GL:  If Klitschko was fighting so tentatively against you, what would you do to make it more exciting?

AT:  He wouldn't be able to fight that way against me, because I'm going to be in his face pressing him all the time.  I'm not going to fight on my back leg and lean back, I'm going into the Klitschko fight with my eyes open.  I know I'm going to get hit, I may even get hurt, but I'm going to win this fight.  That's my main goal, and I can't win this fight on my back leg running from him. 

GL:  What did you think about the Peter-Maskaev fight?

AT:  I thought it was a little more entertaining, I actually liked the fight myself.  Maskaev went in with the idea that he was going to win, Sam Peter can in with the same idea.  They put on a pretty good performance to me.  I think Peter was a little tougher at that time.  Maskaev was tough, but I thought Peter was going to get rid of him anyway. 

GL:  Is there anything about Klitschko that concerns you?

AT:  It's a lot of concern, he's fast, strong, and big.  It doesn't concern me to the point that I'm not going to get in there and let him feel my best. 

GA:  Are you more concerned about him actually agreeing to fight you next, than you are with anything he could do to you in the ring?

AT:  That would be my biggest concern, actually getting the opportunity to fight and to show people what I can do.  With any fighter in the ring there's a risk, I already know that.  He's just another risk I've got to overcome.

GL:  Although you've done a tremendous job of getting to this point, at your age do you feel that this opportunity is do or die, in the sense that if you don't deliver and make the most of it, it could be a while before you get back there?

AT:  I think what you said is true, not because of my age, but because of other reasons.  Boxing doesn't love me like they love the Klitschko's and the Peter's.  I guess it's because I'm not a big one punch knockout artist type of guy, and I don't look like Holyfield in the body.  In that sense I do agree, but my age has nothing to do with this.  I'm in great shape, I don't abuse my body, I don't drink, smoke, or run around clubs.  I've got a lot more years left, if I need them.  I just don't want to have to need them. 

GL:  What's the earliest you've heard that this fight could take place?

AT:  Somewhere around June or July, around the summertime.  Unless they signed a contract, it's all rumors.

GL:  Can you talk about how much you would prefer for the fight to take place in the United States, as opposed to having to travel overseas?

AT:  I'm going to wherever the check is.  If the check is in Russia, I'm going, if it's in Germany, I'm going.  I would love to have it in the United States.  When I fought in Germany, it wasn't that bad to me.  So, it's not a terrible situation to be in, it's just hard for the American fans to see a fight in that area.  Obviously, I would love to bring it to the States, so that when I win I can celebrate with the American people.

GL:  Knowing the state of the heavyweight division, do you think that Klithchko and Ibragimov let boxing down by not putting on a more entertaining effort in the heavyweight division's first unification bout in nearly a decade?

AT:  I'm not going to say they put down boxing, that's a myth.  I'm not going to say they put down the heavyweight division, because the division is going to be there.  The division is bigger than anyone of us.  It's bigger than Ibragimov, Holyfield, Klitschko, it's bigger than all of those guys.  I will say that they failed to live up to the people's expectations of the heavyweight division.  I will say that, and given the second chance, they would probably do better in the ring.  I'm thinking Klitschko is probably going to show greater aptitude in his next fight against me, and we can put on a great show.

GL:  Give me some closing thoughts.

AT:  I'm hoping that people stick behind me, and actually get to see me fight.  Continue to support me, because once I get my chance, I gaurantee you we're not going to put on a show like Ibragimov.  If I go out, I'm going to go out fighting.



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