Exclusive Interview: Andre Purlette

By James Alden


Exclusive Interview: Andre Purlette

JA: Congratulations on winning your return fight against… tell us how the fight went? "Actually I was supposed to fight one guy but he came in over weight, he came in 20 pounds over weight and you knew something was up, I wasn’t going to fight a guy who weighs 20 pounds more than me. Anyways we ended up finding a replacement and the fight didn’t go the way that I wanted it to go, but it went ok for my first fight back. I haven’t been in the ring in over a year so I had to shake some of the rust off, I think that is great and I know that I can move on from this win."

JA: For a lot of the fans that may be curious to know why you took a year off, tell us why you did take the year off?

AP: There was a lot of contractual issues that I was going through. I was signed with Don King and he wasn’t pushing me out there the way that I wanted him to.

JA: Are you a free agent now?

AP: Yes I am. As this goes to print I am actually weighing my options out. I am putting it out there that whoever is interested in signing me can get in contact with me or Bonnie Nelson, who is my manager. Whoever is interested in getting in the ring me and who think they can present a challenge, I would be more than happy to fight them.

JA: When would you like to get back in the ring to fight?

AP: I am actually looking to get back in the ring as soon as possible. I would like to fight next month. I want to stay active and that is the only way that I will stay ranked. We have been talking to the governing bodies and they say that my record is impressive but my inactivity really hurt me. I need to get back in the ring and do what I do best.

JA: How long do you think it will take before you get back to the old Andre Purlette?

AP: With my next fight I will definitely get back to my old self. I am working on a lot of things in the gym that can help me get back to the fighter that I was a year ago. The biggest thing that is hurting me is ring rust and I need to get back in the ring and do what I do best.

JA: How disappointing was it for you to sit out a year?

AP: It was very disappointing because I watched a lot of guys get in the ring that are not at the level that I am at. It has been a rock road but I am still here and fighting the good fight.

JA: Talk to your fans Andre?

AP: I appreciate my fans support when they were supporting me at heavyweight but I do feel a lot more comfortable at cruiserweight. I look forward to doing bigger and better things in the future and keep your eyes peeled to Andre Purlette.


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