Exclusive Interview: Adrian Mora

By James Alden


Exclusive Interview: Adrian Mora

JA: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself Adrian?  "I come from a boxing family. My father was a former boxer. I have five brothers, one sister and everyone in my family loved boxing. That’s how I started boxing; it was in my blood when I was a little kid. My dad used to fight and he didn’t want us to fight so we used to take boxing gloves and fight in the basement. My brother and my self always had a hunger to box and my dad would get mad and say “No you are not going to box, your going to go to school and get a great job”.  For me boxing was in my blood from day one.


JA: When did you turn professional?


AM: In 2000 I turned professional.


JA: Did you take a lot of what you learned in the amateurs into the professional ranks?


AM: Yeah the amateur experience was a great experience but it is like going from touch football to tackle football. A lot of amateurs cannot make the adjustment to the professional ranks and they don’t do well in the pros.  In the amateurs it was hard when I lost the national title because my style is more pro style than amateur style. Now that I am fighting 10 rounds at 3 minutes is more my style of a fight. It’s been a great adjustment.


JA: Do you feel that you are just starting to hit your stride as a professional?


AM: Yeah I am starting to hit my stride right now. It’s hard for me coming up with out a promoter. I was going back and forth between lots of promoters and trying to get people to sign me but it’s been very difficult for me. It was tough to get opponents in here because of the budget that we had and the fact that Colorado is not a big boxing state.


JA: Did you have a promoter and you split ways? What is the situation that you have now?


AM: We had a lot of offers but we never had the time to sit down to think about the contract, and what we wanted out of the deal. Right now I have no promoter, but we still have a good team around my self. I have an excellent trainer, excellent manager. Golden Boy was seriously looking to sign me but they wanted me to relocate because they know what the boxing situation is like in Colorado. There is hardly any sparring out here in Colorado, sometimes I have to spar amateurs and it’s really hard for me to get the proper sparing that I need. Golden Boy understood that and that is one of the reasons why they wanted me to move out to L.A. I have a wife, 3 kids and my father is sick so I could not just up and leave. It was hard to turn it down because they took me out to the gym and they showed me a lot of places. It was hard because I knew that if I went to L.A and signed with them I would be on the fast track to stardom.


JA: Somewhere down the line if you want to make it big. Do you think that you would have to consider leaving Colorado?


AM: No I think that I could make it here. If I can beat good fighter like I am doing and getting higher in the rankings. My goal is to bring boxing back to Colorado. Hopefully first I can bring sparring partners to Colorado. Sometimes people forget that Colorado is a great place to train with the high altitude; it is a great place to train.


JA: You’re fighting at the 140 pound division.


AM: 135, 140. Now that I am getting a little bit older 135 is a question for myself.


JA: 140 pound division is exciting but all the big names are moving up to 147. Is moving up something that you would consider?


AM: If I had a promoter I would love to get the big fights at 135. Right now I am taking fights that I can get. I would like to have 5-6 fights at 140, move to 147 and then end my career at 156-160.


JA: Do you think with having a promoter would help you to concentrate more on your fights instead of worrying about where and when your next fight might take place?


AM: Yeah that is definitely true. Where doing a great job of it right now with getting fights, where getting ranked and where getting higher with out a promoter, I would love to see what we can do with a promoter. 


JA: What are your goals for 2006?


AM: I am just trying to make a lot of money, get ranked higher and hopefully and fight for a championship.


JA: How many times would you like to fight in 2006?


AM: I would like to fight 5 or 6 times this year. I am not the type of fighter that calls people out but I would love to fight Carlos Baldimir.


JA: Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans in closing?


AM: I just want to say that I am humble. I am coming up through the rankings and continue to look for my name. I will be up there in 2006 and in 2007. If the fans want to get tickets Tuesday night fights at 1-720-434-4515 for tickets.


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