Exclusive Interview: Acelino Freitas

By G. Leon


Exclusive Interview: Acelino Freitas

GL: How's everything Popo? Can you tell us what's next for you? "I'm doing well. I've alrea began light training and I'm focusing on Diego Corrales. Fighting him again is my goal and I'm the number one contender and mandatory challenger to him so he's the man I'm focusing on right now. I'm hoping to fight again in February and the WBO is a credible organization so I expect them to follow their rules and order Corrales to fight me in the next three months."

GL: Your promoter Artie Pelullo told me of your interest to fight Corrales again. Can you tell us what you thought of his last performance?

Acelino Freitas: "The most unfortunate person in that fight was Castillo. Even though he won he had a chance to get his titles back and he didn't. Castillo wasn't careful enough so he weighed in too heavy and couldn't make weight. Luckily it's the fighter who makes the titles not the titles who make the fighters."

GL: Do you think Castillo even tried to make weight? And do you think he had an unfair advantage as a result of the weight?

Acelino Freitas: "I believe that Castillo came trying to win the fight. I don't think he was so worried about the weight, he just wanted to win the fight."

GL: You basically quit against Corrales the last time, what makes you think the rematch would go any different?

Acelino Freitas: "Every fight is an experience in itself. We only really learn from our defeats and our losses. I'm a wiser fighter now and after watching some of Corrales tapes and other fights, I'm really focused on him and with some of the new things I'm working I'm sure I'd be successful."

GL: What specifically would you do differently after watching Corrales fights with Castillo?

Acelino Freitas: "I believe my mistake was I would go in, throw a few shots and then pull out. In a rematch I would fight him on the inside, look to make it a fight on the inside and rough him up like Castillo did. I would just get in chest and fight to the finish."

GL: Do you feel that you wasted a lot of energy bouncing around on the outside the first time around?

Acelino Freitas: "Yes. I believe I wasted a lot of energy doing that, I was trying to work my strategy, unfortunately for me it just didn't work."

GL: You haven't fought in America since the Corrales fight. Do you miss fighting over here or are you nice and cozy at home?

Acelino Freitas: "I'm not cozy here at home. My fights are in the United States. My life was made by fighting in the United States and that's where I want to fight. Right now we're talking about making a movie about my life and how I established myself fighting in United States."

GL: How disappointed would you be if you wound up fighting for a vacant title due to Corrales facing Castillo for a third time?

Acelino Freitas: "If Corrales goes after another fight with Castillo he's going for the money. Me, I want my title back and I want to beat him to get it back, but I want my belt back, so I wouldn't be that disappointed as long as I was fighting to get my title back."

GL: You generate a ton of money in South America. Would you be willing to share some of that revenue with Corrales in order to get your belt back against the only man to get the better of you?

Acelino Freitas: "Anything is possible. Maybe. We'll have to see about that. I don't want to talk business in the papers and in the press but we'll have to see what happenes. I want to fight Corrales again, but more important than that, I want my title back. I know you're doing your job with these questions, my job is to train and to fight. I've been the number one contender for a long time right now and I want my title back."


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