Exclusive Interview: 2004 Olympian Andre Berto

By G. Leon


Exclusive Interview: 2004 Olympian Andre Berto

GL: You make your debut this Saturday night on the (off TV) undercard of Taylor-Joppy, can you tell us how you're feeling? "Getting ready for this fight has been very exciting. I'm going to be fighting this guy out of Mississippi named Michael Robinson, he's 2-1 with 2 KO's. At this point, I'm just focused on getting out there and breaking the ice, and getting my feet wet. I'm ready for whatever he's going to do and I'm very excited about this fight."

GL: I hear you're signing with Lou DiBella and DiBella Entertainment. How do you feel about that move?

Andre Berto: "Actually, right now that's still in the works, but it's about to happen. I'm excited about the move and I think it's going to work because I believe he has a plan for me and I'm going to continue to work hard and get better."

GL: What's your prediction for this fight?

AB: "I would like to finish it early, I'm going to go out there like beast to get mine."

GL: I"m sure you must be thrilled to make your debut on the undercard of an HBO event, but I'm also sure you want your fights to be televised. Has there been any discussion about when that might happen?

AB: "As of now we haven't talked too much about that. But I know that Lou DiBella is good friends with Kerry Davis and he's well connected at HBO. Basically I need to do my part to make things happen, once I start stopping these guys it will lead to bigger things."

GL: DiBella has been very successful with his Broadway Boxing series here in NYC, have there been any talks of you making some appearances on Broadway Boxing?

AB: "There have and that's something that I'm very excited about. It would be an honor to fight on and come up on Broadway Boxing. He's already come down here to Florida also to see what could be done about bringing a few shows here."

GL: Let everyone who reads Boxingtalk that hasn't seen Andre Berto yet know what you're all about?

AB: "I'm just known to be a boxer, puncher, knockout artist who brings excitement to the table by bringing the people what they want to see. Win or lose, I'm the kind of fighter who will always give the people their money's worth. I all about bringing excitement into that boxing ring."




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