Exclusive Inrterview: Samuel Peter

By Brad Cooney


Exclusive Inrterview: Samuel Peter

BT - Sam is there anything you can tell us about a possible fight between you and James Toney ?  "Well I don't know yet, I am still waiting to hear something about it. If this is true it would be beautiful."

BT - Sam has anybody in your management team come to you about a James Toney fight ?

SP - Well right now, I am just waiting to hear something. I think there is talks going on, but right now I can't give you much more on this. Until I sign the contract, and it's on to do this, then I can talk more about it.

BT - How do you see yourself matching up against James Toney ?

SP - Well he's a great person, he's a wonderful person. I am just going to see what happens, and see if this is true. Right now I don't have a contract in front of me to put a pen on it. I mean, it would be wonderful if I do get this contract.

BT - Obviously you still want Klitschko.

SP - Yes, I mean if he wants to fight me, I will fight him. I am ready to fight anybody, I am not scared to fight any fighter.

BT - Some of your critics say that all you can do is punch, are you working on different things in training to increase your game in the ring ?

SP - Yes you know every day I learn something new, I am always learning new things.

BT - Talk to your fans Peter.

SP - "Well I want to thank all of my fans, because without God and my fans I don't know where I would be. I thank them for being there for me, and one day I will be the new Heavyweight Champion of The World, keep praying for me."


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