Exclusive FREE Advice: Mike Tyson

By Darren Nichols and Jose Aguirre


Exclusive FREE Advice: Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson: "You have to continue to keep going."

Hussein Hussein: "It's hard."

MT: "No it's not hard. That's the stability of all this, the struggle. I'm talking about struggling. Nobody gives a damn about somebody who had money from four hundred years ago. You're doing it your way. Everybody wish they could do what you could do. That's why they applauded so much. They want to entertain people like that. Don't be disappointed in yourself. You worked for that moment, know what I mean. You worked for that moment. I used to be a little brat and break my trophies. You get emotional. You feel you let down your friends. I know you feel like you let them down before you let yourself down. They're with you whether you get knocked out cold. They're always going to be there. Don't pressure yourself and don't expect much out of this sport. Appreciate what God has given you. Be proud of yourself. It's just disappointing because you want to go a long way, months, just to lose a fight. My whole day losing and my eye is like this. And I'm like how can I explain this to all these maniacs. If you have five bucks it's about our pride when we're in that ring. We'll fight for nothing. We just don't want to lose. What we do for a living everybody wants to avoid the highlight. We fight for a living."