Exclsuive Interview: Gary Shaw

By G. Leon


Exclsuive Interview: Gary Shaw

GL: Can you give us some thoughts on the Mijares-Darchinyan unification bout? "It's a really exciting fight. It's the first time that the 115 pound weight class has been unified. You have Christian Mijares who is a really exciting kid with movie star looks. He did a real number on Jorge Arce and he's facing Vic Darchinyan who fears no one and is probably the hardest hitter in the division and 122. It will be very interesting. Is it the boxing skill of Mijares or the brute strength of Darchinyan who is a thinking fighter."

GL: What's your prediction for the fight?

Gary Shaw: "I think Darchinyan KO's him in round 9."

GL: That's a pretty specific prediction. Did you see it in a dream?

GS: "When you call me I start to dream."

GL: I have that type of effect on people. We haven't spoken since Dawson-Tarver. What did you think of that fight and where do you think Dawson goes from here?

GS: "There is a rematch clause. It's not an immediate rematch, so eventually Antonio will get another shot at Dawson. Right now Dawson would like to fight the winner of Calzaghe and Jones or fight  Bernard Hopkins or Winky Wright. He said he wants to clean our all of the old men of the division. Glen Johnson and Tarver and now he wants Roy, Calzaghe, Hopkins or Winky."

GL: Did Hopkins mastery of Pavlik surprise you?

GS: "Not at all. I always thought Bernard was underrated and Pavlik was overrated. I have a lot of respect for Bernard Hopkins. He might be 43 years old chronologically, but he'sa 33 as a fighter in the boxing game. He keeps in terrific shape and I have never seen him as fast as I saw him that night."

GL: Who do you like in Jones-Calzaghe?

GS: "Calzaghe. I think he's got real fast hands and I think he's a real underrated fighter. I hope that if he wins he doesn't retire and if he loses he shouldn't retire. It's going to be a very close fight. Roy looks like he's reborn to me."

GL: What's next for Vernon Forrest?

GS: "I hope HBO doesn't put on Pavlik against a bum. I hope they insist that he faces somebody real and I know Vernon is willing to move up to 160 to fight him. ."

GL: Has that fight been discussed at all?

GS: "I've discussed it with HBO, but everybody is saying that Pavlik is going to fight his mandatory. If he's going to fight his mandatory, God bless him but it should be on Telefutura. It doesn't belong on the premium networks."

GL: Tell us about your young kids.

GS: "I just signed Archie Marquez, and I just signed two young Mexican kids. Angulo, Perro is the man right now and everybody is putting their eyes towards him and he's a very exciting fighter. I'm also still trying to make Vazquez-Marquez 4."

GL: Closing thoughts?

GS: "My closing thoughts are, jerking off is having sex with somebody you love. Stop by your local rub and tug if you get depressed with the stock market. I heard Arum is dying at Mandalay Bay with his fight. I heard Roy is dying in Madison Square Garden with Calzaghe fight and that's about it.'