Estrada speaks on loss

By James Alden


Estrada speaks on loss

JA: I know that Jason is not used to losing, especially losing his first pro fight, tell us how Jason is doing?

RE: Jason is doing fine. You're right he is not used to losing but sooner or later we know its going to happen. Luckily it was sooner. Sometimes you can learn a lot from a loss. Time will tell.

JA: You were in his corner for the fight, tell us how you thought the fight went?

RE: Honestly, I thought we were up four rounds to two going into the seventh round. I did however know that being on a Goosen promoted show against his fighter, in his adopted hometown we had to win convincingly and I realized we weren't doing that.

JA: You were saying that he hurt his shoulder in the fight. I know that there are fights within the fight, how did you deal with that problem in the fight with Jason’s shoulder?

RE: Well when Jason came back after the third round and told me he wasn't able to raise his left arm due to a re-aggravated shoulder injury, I basically told him to block it out of his mind and that we wouldn't be talking about that subject anymore. I never mentioned it again.

JA: Hypothetically speaking, how do you think the fight would have went if Jason didn’t hurt his shoulder?

RE: Exactly what you saw in round one and two would have been repeated for six more rounds. Don't get me wrong now...I don't want to take away the credit from Walker for his victory. He was somehow able to re-aggravate Jason’s shoulder during the early part of the fight. There's nothing illegal about that and he earned his decision. More power to him. We'll see him again down the line.

JA: This was a big fight for Jason, do you think that with him losing this fight it will make it harder for him to get the respect as if he would have won the fight?

RE: They say when one door closes, two doors open. We'll take the positives out of this fight and move on. We've had an extremely difficult time getting opponents for Jason in his career so far and maybe that will change now. People may want to fight him now and that’s good for us. Also remember, he's the only guy out there 7-0 who was willing to face a guy 21-0 in his town, with his promoter, coming in as the opponent. The fans I've spoken to have almost all agreed the fight was extremely close and I believe anywhere else but California and Florida, we would have gotten the decision. Plus being on Showtime was a great opportunity and when Jason wins his next few fights we'll be right where we belong.

JA: A lot of people, even the commentators talked about Jason’s power not being there. Do you think that it’s more of a problem with technique rather than him not having power?

RE: Yeah possibly. Sometimes people emphasize the power so much that they actually get into the fighters head. Maybe he's trying too hard for a knockout and we all know that’s the wrong approach. Believe me, they can talk all they want but that kid can punch with the best of them. Its just a matter of time.

JA: Jason blew up to 257. I know that we had talks off the record about that, but can you comment more on the situation on the record?

RE: Without mentioning any names, one of our assistant coaches accidentally put Jason on a supplement that added fourteen pounds in two weeks. He was 243 lbs two and a half weeks before the fight and blew up in two weeks. I was thinking two weeks before the fight that he may weigh in at about 238 lbs. I'll take some of the blame for that because I didn't monitor his weight like I usually do. He looked fit and big up top so I never thought to recheck his weight. I'm not sure if that was a factor in the fight except for the critics having more ammunition to talk about him. He left town for four weeks and worked out so hard for that fight yet people were saying he doesn't like to work hard. All they see is the weight and not how much hard work he put into this fight.

JA: You were telling me before that you had a meeting on Thanksgiving, tell us what that meeting was about?

RE: Well the meeting was strictly for close members of Jason’s inner team. Everybody there was strictly there to give Jason support and go over the things we did wrong in this training camp and where we go from there. As you know, I'm taking over as head trainer now because Peter Manfredo is extremely busy with his son and other fighters in the gym. This is nothing new for me and I don't foresee any problems. Peter is still an integral part of the team and will still be there when I need some advice. One of my brothers is in charge of Jason’s diet and nutrition and my other brother will be working with his strength and conditioning. A few other members of our team will have their roles as well.

JA: I know that Jason is shut down for the year. In 2007 who are some of the guys that you will be looking to make fights with?

RE: I want Jason to continue increasing the caliber of his opponents just as we did in 2006. Maybe we can get some of those second tier guys people are talking about. I've mentioned all the names before so I won't rehash that topic but lets see. Maybe Jimmy B. can get some of these guys to actually show up for the fight now.

JA: Peter Manfredo Jr.-Joe Calzaghe is on. Give me your thoughts on the fight?

RE: What an opportunity for Junior. You know I'm betting a quick $500.00 on my boy Peter. The odds are going to be phenomenal and I'm trying to get a piece of that action. Its an uphill battle but I think Junior may surprise a lot of people. Joe may be ripe for the taking and regardless, you never want to walk away from a world title shot. We'll be at home enjoying it on HBO.

JA: Anything that you would like to say in closing?

RE: Just to let the real Estrada fans that we'll be back stronger and faster in 2007. May all Boxingtalk viewers including Travis Walker and his family have a nice Holiday Season and thanks to Boxingtalk for keeping the viewers informed and not forgetting us. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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