Estrada hoping to face Margarito on Klitschko-Rahman undercard!

By Jose Aguirre


Estrada hoping to face Margarito on Klitschko-Rahman undercard!

Jose Aguirre: What's up David? What's the latest with you? "I was supposed to fight in Germany on Oct 22 and I was getting ready for that but then I kind of decided I didn't want that fight."

JA: What was it that made you decide to turn down the fight?

DE:"The main reason was that my trainer cannot make it on that day. He has some things that he must take care of on that day. Another thing the money isn't right. For me to go all the way over there for that amount of money without my trainer just ain't happening."

JA: So now what? Where do you go from here?

DE:"I'm looking for a fight with Antonio Margarito. I heard that he has a date on Nov 12 in Vegas with no opponent so I'm kind of hoping they could slide me in that spot and let me fight him."

JA: Margarito is a guy who Zab Judah and Floyd Mayweather are reluctant to fight. What makes you want to step up and fight this guy?

DE:"The thing is I'm not scared to fight anybody and I think it would be a great fight for the fans because we both have exciting styles and we'll both go in there and go to war. And I know I can take his belt from him. That's the main reason I want to fight him."

JA: What are your feelings about Margarito as a fighter and what are some of the things that you feel you have to look out for from him as a fighter?

DE:"I think he's a good fighter with an exciting style. He likes to put pressure kinda like myself and I don't really feel like there is anything that I have to look out for. All I have to do is train hard, go in there and just take the belt."

JA: Are you still in t he gym and training?

DE:"Yeah, as soon as I heard. And though I've heard I don't know how true it is because I haven't done any research for myself. But people are telling me that he has a date for Nov 12 with no opponent and that was right around the corner from when I was supposed to fight anyway which would give me even more time to train."

JA: Would something like the money they offer you make the fight impossible?

DE:"There is more of a chance of me taking a fight with Margarito for money that I'm not happy with than there was the chance of me going to Germany. I know I can take his belt from him so I would have to take the good with the bad."

JA: What did you think about his title defense against Kermit Cintron?

DE:"I knew that was going to happen. I wasn't surprised at all. I've only seen clip of Kermit and the one fight I watched in whole he fought this mexican kid that I know and that kid wasn't even in shape. He's just a tough mexican kid. Everytime that kid hit Kermit he hurt him and everytime he hurt him all he (Kermit) did was get on his bike and start back-peddling. He showed me has no heart because when somebody hits you like that you're supposed to retaliate. If I'm fighting someone and they start running from me I'm going on the attack until I take them out."

JA: What did you learn from your  fight with Shane Mosley?

DE:"What I learned is that I hate ten round fights and I need twelve rounds. I'm a twelve round fighter. I start off a little slow. I never liked ten rounds fight and hopefully I won't have to fight anymore ten round fights.If I would have had twelve rounds it would have turned out different."

JA: David, if not Margarito who would you be willing to step in the ring with?

DE:"There are really three people I want to fight. Margarito, Zab Judah and a rematch with Shane Mosley. If I can't do anything at 147 I wouldn't mind moving up to fight Fernando Vargas either."

JA: Is there an order of preference?

DE:"I think the best way would be Margarito first, then Zab because he has the other belts and he'll be willing to try and take my belt from me and you know I'll be trying to take his belts. Then when I become undisputed the rematch with Mosley to end it. I want to fight Margarito so I can show the world that I'm one of the best out there in my weight class. Get ready for some exciting fights."


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