Estrada camp keeping the heat on Oquendo

By James Alden


Estrada camp keeping the heat on Oquendo

JA: Roland I know that you read Jimmy Burchfield’s interview on the possible fight between Jason Estrada and Fres Oquendo. What’s the latest? "I know last week they called us and they asked us if we wanted the fight and we told them of course we would take the fight. Now I don’t know if Lou Dibella doesn’t want the fight or HBO doesn’t want the fight, but we certainly want the fight. I heard that Fres Oquendo is interested in fighting us, I don’t know what is holding up the fight."

JA: Jason what are your thoughts of possibly fighting Fres Oquendo?

JE: I am looking forward to the fight if the fight came to fruition. I think that Fres Oquendo is a very good fighter, he earned his respect and I am trying to earn my respect. When I beat him my stock will surely go up.

JA: How do you think that both of your styles match up Jason?

JE: I really don’t know until I get in there, I understand that he has decent hand speed but not like myself. I know that he is the smaller guy, I can’t really say how the styles would match up until we get in there and fight.

JA: HBO may not want the fight Roland. Comment on the idea that Jason is only 6-0 and may not have a lot of experience?

RE: That is just coping out really, Jason has tons of experience and is well qualified to fight on HBO and to fight against a veteran in Fres Oquendo. I think that they are thinking like what if we lose to a guy who is 6-0, what would people think then. Well if you are worrying about losing than you are not championship material to be honest with you. They ought to be saying to themselves, we should go right through this guy with no problem and then we will move on to bigger and better things. They are the ones that came to us with the fight, maybe they thought that we would say NO and when we said YES they got all scared. When we talk about Jason we are not talking about Javier Mora, or Joe Schmo, we are talking about a kid with over 300 amateur fights.

JE: I am better fighter than Javier Mora, you seen how he looked against Javier Mora. Fres let him off the hook in that fight, I wouldn’t have let him off the hook.

JA: If the fight doesn’t come about it wouldn’t because of your end of the deal Jason?

JE: Definitely not. As soon as I heard about the fight I said “Sign me up and let’s get this fight done.” Let me know when the fight is so I can get my focus on and be 100% when I take it to Fres.

RE: See that is the thing that is bothering me, everyone wants the fight so why isn’t the fight getting done. We had a three way call talking about the fight, I said yes, Jimmy B. said yes, Jason said yes and I heard that Fres would take the fight, then why isn’t the fight getting done? 

JA: Is there anything that you would like to say in closing guys?

RE: I just hope the fight gets made. It would be an exciting fight for HBO considering some of the fights that they been providing on there show. We will not disappoint.


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