Estrada calls out Luis Collazo!

By G. Leon


Estrada calls out Luis Collazo!

"Oscar Diaz is scared of me!"

GL: So what would you like to get off your chest David "The first name I got is Oscar Diaz. He's ranked #1 in the NABF and my promoter was trying to get me a fight with him for the NABF title. I don't how much truth there is to it, but I heard he's scared to accept the fight and that's why it hasn't happened. I heard they were talking about doing it in San Antonio and Diaz is Mexican. If he's Mexican he shouldn't be scared to fight me because everybody knows Mexican's have heart, I'm half Mexican myself. I just think it's a bitch move for him not to want to fight me when we're on the same level.

"Mayweather is another guy I'd love to fight. He's trying to establish himself in the welterweight division and he's fighting Sharmba Mitchell. I'm not trying to disrespect Mitchell, but everybody knows he's not a real welterweight. If you're going to fight at welterweight, fight a real welterweight. Mayweather isn't a real welterweight, and if he wants to fight a real welterweight he needs to fight me. And the final name on my list is Luis Collazo. I've seen him fight a couple of times and he's a good fighter. I also seen he mentioned my name in an interview on Boxingtalk. I would love to make that fight happen. And if I'm one of the names he's mentioning, let's make it happen.

"As far as my fans wondering why I've been out of the ring for so long...I've had a couple of offers for good fights, but the money wasn't right. They mentioned a couple of undefeated fighters and I would have loved to fight them and expose them like I did to Chris Smith and Souleyman. The only thing is, if I'm going to fight these undefeated guys, pay me right, respect me. As far as everything else, that's about it. I already tried to get fights with Margarito and that fell out. I believe they took Gomez instead of me and he's 25-10 or something like that. Then I tried to get a fight with Gatti and they got a fight with Damgaard instead. I just feel like nobody wants to fight me and I'm willing to fight anyone. I'm at the point that if I can't get a fight at 147, I'll move up to 154 to fight whoever, I don't care. I just need a good fight and if I can't get one I'm going to be forced to fight average fighters. I'm just keeping myself in shape waiting for the opportunity."

GL: What are your goals for 2006?

DE: "If I can't get a big fight I'm going to do like everybody else and get started with a couple of average fighters in February or March. I'm trying to have at least five fights next year. This year I haven't fought a lot due to personal issues that I haven't been able to work out."

GL: Would you fight Sharmba Mitchell or give Chris Smith a rematch?

DE: "I already beat Chris Smith so bad that I don't think anyone but Chris wants to see that again, but I would love to fight Sharmba Mitchell anytime he's ready I'd be ready. I love to fight, this is not just my job, it's something I love to do. I'm ready to fight and I want to fight good fights."

GL: How do you think Mosley's going to do with Vargas?

DE: "To tell you the truth, I think that Mosley's going to beat Vargas. I don't have nothing against Vargas, I've been in training camp with him and I fought Mosley. From what I see, I think what they did to Vargas by changing his style up is hurting him. I think the old Vargas would have knocked out Castillejo the first time he had him in trouble. Then he had him in trouble and he started boxing him and as you saw later on in that fight, Castillejo started landing some punches. I think Mosley's going to take it."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

DE: "I want to thank all my fans for their support. Continue to stick by me because I'm going to do big things for next year."