Estrada calls out Jason Gavern!

By James Alden


Estrada calls out Jason Gavern!

JA: Tell us how the training camp with Tony Thompson went Big Six? "It went very well. Working with Tony helped me out a lot, he is a big south paw and I learned a lot from him. Tony had the whole package; I think that it will help me out in the future."

JA: Who do you like in the Guinn-Thompson fight?

JE: I think that the fight is a pick um fight. With myself working with Tony for this fight, I will be rooting for Tony.

JA: I know that you were supposed to be fighting on the July 7th card. Are you over the fact that your not fighting on the 7th?

JE: Yeah I am. Of course at first you are always disappointed that you can’t fight, but you know it happens and I think that this is good for me. Right now we are looking at other dates, I will be back in the ring shortly that is for sure.

JA: I know that you called out Jason Gavern before. I just got off the phone with Dan Goosen and he told me that he didn’t hear about it but his fighters would fight anyone. Is that a fight that you still want to make?

JE: We would take that fight in a hot minute. If he wants to do it I am very easy to get in touch with. I heard through the grape vine that he wanted to fight me, if he wants to fight and I want to fight, than there should be no problem of us fighting. Until we see a contract I am not worried about the fight. We can fight whenever and wherever because I will be there and be ready to fight. My goal is to prove that I am the best prospect out there, I am sure Jason thinks that he is the best prospect in the heavyweight division, well then lets settle this and fight, it’s that simple. 

JA: A lot of the fans may think that you’re a boring fighter or you don’t have the knock out power to compete in the heavyweight division. Can you talk to your critics?

JE: People are always going to call something that there not used to seeing boring. Why am I boring because I don’t get hit or I am not that bloody type fighter. If you watched my fights you would see that I hurt everyone that I fought, I don’t know where they are getting the thing that I don’t have power. I choose not to be that type of fighter, I want to be that fighter where I don’t get touched in a fight and to have a career. I can get into a war if I have to, but why would I want to. I am not going to turn my whole style of fighting around for a certain few people who says I am boring. I do what I know how to do and that is box.

JA: Does that aggravate you?

JE: Yeah it does but I realize its just peoples opinions. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. I am not going to stress the fact to please everyone. I am going to keep doing what I been doing and the only person that I need to please is my dad. He is the one that got me into the sport and he is the one that helped me get where I am at today. My dad keeps it real with me and he loves the way that I fight.

JA: Is there anything that you would like to say in closing?

JE: Yeah I just want to thank for doing this interview, I really appreciate it. Continue to look for great things for myself in the future. Like I said before I would love to make the Jason Gavern fight happen but its all on them, if they need to contact me and they don’t know how they can contact you James or call CES boxing, my promoter Jimmy Burchfield. If you would like to know more about me, please visit my website


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