Elvir Muriqi Calls Out Tarver

By Darren Nichols


Elvir Muriqi Calls Out Tarver

"If the third judge gave me the last round like the other two did, our fight would have been a draw, and I was supposed to be fighting a superstar.

BoxingTalk:  Elvir, you have a fight coming up at the end of this month. How is preparation going for that fight?

Elvir Muriqi:  Preparation is going good.  I’m training hard in the Catksills, putting the rounds in, and trying to get in as much work as possible so that I can put on a good performance.  I know a lot of people have their eyes on me after my fight with Tarver.

BoxingTalk:  Now that you have had several months to look back at your fight with Tarver, what are your thoughts regarding that fight?

Elvir Muriqi:  I’ve watched that tape more than a 100 times.  I noticed that if you watch the fight with sound it’s seen as an even fight, but without the commentators you can see I threw more punches and that his flurries weren’t enough to win the rounds.  I was working thee entire time.  If one judge gives the fight a draw, and a second judge gives you the decision 115-113, then you know you won the fight, and I was supposed to be fighting a superstar.

BoxingTalk:  What would you do differently if you were to face Tarver again?

Elvir Muriqi:  There comes a time in a man’s life when something happens that makes him grow.  I grew from my fight with Tarver.  My confidence grew along with everything else.  My straight right hand would be quicker and I would work to break him down more than I did before.  I wouldn’t give him the free shots to let his flurries go.  I’d jab him more, and I’d expect to stop him the next time we fought.

BoxingTalk:  Has there been talk of a rematch with Tarver?

Elvir Muriqi:  In his last fight against Danny Santiago, I called him out at the post-fight press conference.  He started laughing, telling me I was next.  He thanked me at the post- fight presser in his last fight, because we know the public would like to see it again and the fight would be even more exciting because people know I belong in there with him.  I’m a perfect fight for him.  My decision with Tarver was closer than his first fight with Roy Jones.  If the third judge gave me the last round like the other two did, our fight would have been a draw.

BoxingTalk:  You are set to face Willis Locket at the end of this month.  What do you know about him?

Elvir Muriqi:  I know he used to fight at heavyweight, and is fighting at light heavyweight.  He’s a durable fighter who comes to fight.  I know he had a draw with Darnell Wilson and Rayco Saunders.  He’s not the best fighter in the world, but he’s durable.

BoxingTalk:  What are you doing in the gym to ensure victory on the 31st?

Elvir Muriqi:  I just have to stay in shape.  I am working on throwing my one-two’s down the pipe and I’m getting quicker.  I’m working on my combination and getting them off quicker

BoxingTalk:  What do you feel this win will do for your career?

Elvir Muriqi:  I want to look impressive, so that my rankings get higher.  These fights will help me grow, and I’m starting this year looking to be impressive.  This year I’ll become world champion.  I’m ready for any light heavyweight in the world who is ready to give me a shot.  The people like me, TV likes me, and I’ll give everyone a good fight.


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