Ellis digs deep for victory!


Ellis digs deep for victory!

Kenny Ellis had to dig deep to find out if he would continue his boxing career after losing to Troy Rowland in June of 2004.  Ellis took the fight on short notice knowing that he would need to win by knockout because of the ridiculous judging in Michigan.  "We watched tape of Troy and felt like this was a great fight for Kenny, said Ellis's promoter Brian Halquist.  "Unfortunately, we found out two things:  1)  Troy was a good fighter with a heart of gold and 2) Kenny can?t perform when he has to cut twelve pounds in twenty-four hours," Halquist said.

Ellis lost fair and square to Rowland and Kenny would take this defeat harder than any of his career. For the next four months, Ellis stayed out of the gym, contemplating retirement. "I was kind of lost" Ellis said. "I didn't train like I could have and maybe took the fight a little easy.  But, I think I needed a break to reenergize my career".

Ellis got the fire back both mentally and physically, moved back into the home of his conditioning coach and nutritionist, David Grisffi and started back at a three-a-day workout.

"I needed to get away.  My son was born in February and I fell back in love with life," Ellis said.  "The loss humbled me; the birth of my son humbled me.  I can't run around with my buddies now.  I work out and then go home to my family.  I am rejuvenated and ready to return," Ellis continued.

Ellis will eventually, most likely by June, be back to 160 pounds.  He will be fighting the main event at the Emerald Queen Casino's Battle at the Boat XXXVII on Saturday, May 14th at 168 pounds.

"We are going to get Kenny back to 160 but it will be a gradual process," said Ellis's conditioning coach Grisaffi.  "He'll be stronger and quicker than before because he is doing it the correct way now."

"Kenny is a world class fighter? Halquist said.  "We will get a couple of fights under his belt and then look for a major fight."

Kenny Ellis dug deep and found the heart of the boxer he truly is. 

"Enough talking about this now," Ellis said.  "Now I'll let my gloves do the talking."