Ellerbe speaks on Mayweather-Hatton

By G. Leon


Ellerbe speaks on Mayweather-Hatton

GL: Can you give us some thoughts on the Mayweather-Hatton presser that took place in Los Angeles yesterday? "There was a great turnout. I would first like to announce that the fight sold out in the first half hour, which is just a testament to how big this fight is, and what Floyd's star power is all about."

GL: Did anything eventful happen at the presser?

Leonard Ellerbe: "We gave the fans wanted to see, this is the hottest fight in boxing and that's why we've had such a quick sellout. Ricky Hatton is the best at 140, Floyd is the best at 147 so you've got two young undefeated champions going head to head. This is what the sport really needs, fighters making big fights. This is the Ring Champion at 140 and the Ring Champion at 147."

GL: Tell us about Floyd doing dancing with the stars and that not being a distraction in training camp.

LE: "It won't be. That's been something we've been working on for a real long time. With Floyd dancing with the Stars and fighting in a mega event simultaneously, it goes to show you what his versatility is all about. He's elevating himself to another level by taking on two challenges at the same time, which no other athlete has been able to accomplish. At the same time, what he's doing by taking on these two challenges, he's showing young kids out there that it's cool to dance. It's cool to ballroom dance. He's in the position to influence young kids and spark interest in new things. With Dancing with the Star having a viewership of 25M per week, it's going to bring many more eyes to the sport of boxing in the mainstream world."

GL: Will Floyd be doing any dancing in the ring on December 8?

LE: "Definitely. When Floyd knocks out Ricky Hatton you'll be able to witness the dance he's been working on, it's called the dancing over a knocked out Ricky Hatton dance."

GL: Floyd has been saying he's going to stop everyone, but nobody has gotten stopped in a hot minute. Will Hatton really get stopped?

LE: "Floyd is 38-0 and he's passed every challenge with flying colors. The last two opponents that he's faced with Oscar De La Hoya and Carlos Baldomir, come fight night, both of those guys outweighed him by 20 pounds and he beat them easily. The fight prior to that we know what happened in the Judah fight. Prior to that everybody was getting stopped. This fight right here, I guarantee you Ricky Hatton will not make the distance as long as he don't punch and hold."


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