EXCLUSIVE: Winky Wright puts Floyd Mayweather Jr on blast!

By G. Leon


EXCLUSIVE: Winky Wright puts Floyd Mayweather Jr on blast!

Over the weekend Winky Wright expressed great interest in facing undefeated pound for pound king Floyd Mayweather Jr telling Boxingtalk.com, "Floyd was the one who first called me out right here on Boxingtalk a few months ago and now that we're both looking for someone for our next fight, I'm surprised that him and his people are talking about trying to fight everybody but me. They're talking about Hatton, Cotto, the Mosley-Vargas winner, Margarito, but what happened to Winky Wright? I'm saying if you were really serious about fighting me then why did you forget to mention my name now? Floyd says he's looking for the biggest challenge out there, Floyd says he wants to give the fans the biggest fight out there for November 4 well here I am little homey, step up to the plate and I'll kill myself to make 154 just to show the world who the best is period."

GL: When did you decide to actively pursue Mayweather as an option for your next fight?

Winky Wright: "I ain't one of these fighters that wants to fight just to fight. I want to fight the so called best out there and keep on getting my hand raised until people can't deny that I'm the best out there, I ain't trying to make fights with just anybody because those fights don't really mean nothing and I don't get up for them guys the same way."

GL: In the past you said you didn't really have much to gain by fighting Floyd, why would you want to come down to 154 to fight him now?

Winky Wright: "Since Jermain Taylor and them are going to take another fight or two before they try to fight me again, a fight with Floyd is the biggest fight out there for me and it's the biggest fight out there for Floyd. I'll probably have to kill myself to make 154 now but I'm willing to do it, because once I get Floyd out of the way Oscar De La Hoya ain't going to have nowhere to look but Winky Wright if he wants to end his career against the best like he says he do."

GL: So you want to fight Mayweather to eliminate him as the primary option for Oscar's last fight?

Winky Wright: "Why not? And if Oscar never comes back giving Floyd his first L will be fun, and then I'll go back up to 160 and beat Jermain Taylor even worse than I did the first time. While Jermain's beating up on some bum in Little Rock, I'll tune up on Floyd and come right back with Jermain, because unlike Floyd and the rest of these guys I really look to fight the best and I don't need my team to tell me who they are."

GL: How do you feel a fight with you and Floyd plays out?

Winky Wright: "Come on now G, you saw me walk right through everything Jermain Taylor and Felix Trinidad was throwing at me and those are some big strong middleweights, Floyd would be on his bike the whole fight and once I start putting that pressure on him I wouldn't be surprised if I stopped him. Floyd ain't never been in there with anyone that much stronger who's harder to hit cleanly than he is. I don't care what he says about how much I got hit in my last fight because he got dropped in his last fight, they just didn't call it and he was out on his feet against Chop-Chop so it's not like he's unhittable. Little Floyd is just too little for me, I guess now we'll have to wait and see if Floyd's really trying to fight the best out there."

GL: Do you still want 50-50 to make the fight?

WW: "Hell yeah. I ain't taking no shorts. I've been fighting the best out there and I'd be coming down in weight. Plus we the two best fighters out there in the biggest fight out there so there's no way it should be anything but 50-50."

GL: Do you think a fight with you and Floyd is bigger than Floyd versus the winner of Mosley-Vargas II?

WW: "Yep. Yep. I beat both of them and I don't know who Floyd thinks he's fooling, he calls himself the best fighter in the world and says he's the one calling the shots but then he can't take a piss without talking to his team about it. I'm saying, if he's the one calling the shots why is he waiting for the winner of two guys I beat? If you trying to fight the best out there step up to the plate and fight Winky Wright, point blank."

GL: Floyd described you as a one handed fighter and said there's no way a one handed fighter would ever beat him. How do you respond to that?

WW: "Tell I promise I'll break him down with both hands. (laughs) It's like this though G, if he's running from Antonio Margarito what you think he's going to do with Winky Wright? Just what he's been doing, keeping my name out of his mouth and off of his list."

GL: Bob Arum recently offer Floyd Mayweather $8M to fight Antonio Margarito on October 7, do you think Floyd would make more than that guaranteed to fight you?

WW: "I don't know what the numbers would be but after we do big numbers on PPV,  50%  of whatever the two best pound for pound fighters in the world should make for fighting each other should be more than that. But if Floyd keeps on running from Margarito, I'll come down to 154 if Bob wants to put that money up for Margarito to fight me."


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