EXCLUSIVE: Winky Wright announces Winky Promotions!

By G. Leon


EXCLUSIVE: Winky Wright announces Winky Promotions!

Wright to face Soliman?

GL: What's good Wink? "Everything homey. I just got finished up a major business deal and I'm proud to announce to world through Boxingtalk, that now I have my own promotional company, Winky Promotions. This is something I've always wanted to do, and I'm real, real glad to be have business people like Chris Lighty, who's going to be negotiating for your boy, on board with my company. I'm not going to sit here and tell you what boxing needs to get better or how we going to change boxing, we're going to let our actions show everyone how we do. It's the same as my boxing G, I'm not one of these guys that's going to do all that talking, I let my fists do the talking and with Winky Promotions we're going to do the same thing just as businessman and promoters."

GL: Following the Mosley fights, you authorized Gary Shaw to negotiate as your promoter. What's the status of that relationship?

Winky Wright: "Gary Shaw is a real good guy and we've enjoyed working with Gary.  We're going to be working together for my fight on December 10 and after that we'll see what happens. Right now I just want to get my next fight done with."

GL: Speaking of December 10, who will you be fighting?

Winky Wright: "There's a few guys they're talking about, like Kofi what's his name?

GL: Kofi Jantuah.

Winky Wright: "Yeah Kofi Jantuah, that's him...Sam Soliman, I think he's the number one contender somewhere, he's another guy they're mentioning and to tell you the truth that's probably going to be who it is, but ain't nothing done yet."

GL: How do you feel about the Mayweather fight not happening?

Winky Wright: "My people told me that Bob Arum came on the record telling you it was nothing but bullshit from Floyd. I think Bob said it best for once. I ain't have no interest in fighting Floyd. He's a good little fighter, but he go and calls me out and then he won't take 50-50 so that means he don't really want to fight. I don't care what he talks about the money he's been making, because if I beat him people are going to say that's what I was supposed to do. I mean, I don't care if they say that and I'm getting 50-50 because then I'm getting paid enough to deal with that. Anytime Floyd wants to fight the best all he has to do is act like it and we'll fight for 50-50.

GL: Following three big wins, two over Mosley and the clinic against Trinidad, are you disappointed that it appears that you next fight will take place against a far less interesting opponent?

Winky Wright: "I always want to fight the best right away so it's a little disappointing, but I look at it like this homey, after I get this next fight out of the way, I'm going to be looking for the winner of the Taylor-Hopkins fight. I don't care who wins the fight as long as the winner fight me. Bernard has done a lot of talking on Boxingtalk and in papers about how he'd fight me but then when it came down to it ain't nothing happened. And if Taylor beats him again I think that become the fight that everyone wants. People want the best against the best and that's all I'm trying to give them. I waited for so many years to prove to everyone else that I belonged with the best and now that I've beaten some of the top guys, all the rest of them want to do is talk. I hope that changes because otherwise it don't make no sense for me to stay boxing, I could just focus on my promotional company."

GL: It seems as though Texas is very interested in promoting your next fight, how would you feel about fighting there?

Winky Wright: "I ain't got no problem with that if the deal's all good. I've already shown that to me it don't matter where I fight as long as there's a ring, a ref and three judges, I'm good."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

Winky Wright: "I want everyone to keep reading Boxingtalk and checking my boy G, he's going to keep giving you the exclusive straight from your boy so check em out. And I got to thank all my fans all around the world for the love they've been giving me wherever I go, they're who keeps me going when these other guys not wanting to fight get me wanting to say forget this."


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