EXCLUSIVE: Team Ruiz speaks on Toney allegations!

By G. Leon and Scott Shaffer


EXCLUSIVE: Team Ruiz speaks on Toney allegations!

Moments ago Boxingtalk.com conducted an exclusive conference call interview with Norman Stone and Anthony Cardinale, the manager and attorney of former WBA heavyweight champion John "The Quietman" Ruiz. "If this is true, shame on this guy and he's got whatever he's got coming. But we think he couldn't beat Johnny without this," said Cardinale. Read on for the full MUST READ exclusive interview.

Cardinale continued, "Now that it's out in the open, I'll go on record and say that Team Ruiz told Commissioner Stevens a month before the fight at the press conference, that we were very concerned about Toney's actions being a drug induced steroid rage. We told him we wanted to make sure the anti-doping procedures were followed correctly so there would be no issue.

"We knew something was off. After the fight and reviewing the tapes, we instituted conversations with the commission just to find out a week after the fight. That's the normal time it takes for the results to come in and we wanted to know the results. Now we haven't heard anything officially, but if this is true, it shows that this is the only way he could've beat Johnny."

GL: Were you aware of these accusations before Jawny announced his return?

Anthony Cardinale: "We knew about all of this, and we were concerned about this before the fight. This past weekend after Johnny spoke with his family he got on the phone with us and said that he's coming back. Once he told us that, I wanted to get the word out as soon as possible so he doesn't get dropped from the ratings. The next thing we know, word starts swirling around about this. Johnny made his decision and then we started getting calls about this just like you did."

GL: Do you really think Toney could have been on something based on how out of shape he looked?

Norman Stone: "Oh absolutely. Without a doubt."

Anthony Cardinale: "And when we were looking at the tape of the fight we were saying to each other, if he's not on some performance enhancing drug that gave him an edge, then we're wrong. Johnny made his decision to come back before any of this began. If this is true, and until we know officially there's a capital I on that If. But if this is true it proves the only way he could beat Johnny is by cheating like this. But I'll tell you something else, if a website like Boxingtalk reported something like this about Johnny and it wasn't true, only two seconds would have passed before we shot some rockets up your ass. "

Norman Stone: "And if you remember Greg, at the press conference Jawny got up and told everyone that the kids should take a look at him so they know what not to be. He said, 'kids look at this guy, this is why you shouldn't do drugs."

"I mean he sits there and he sweats and then he jumps up and acts like a lunatic. The whole thing of it is, why does a guy like this who knocks everyone else go out and supposedly do something like this. If this is true you know me we're not going to let this get swept under the carpet. And not only that, Jawny will get his belt back."

Anthony Cardinale: "And again, this decision was made over the weekend. Everything just started flying around about this today, but if this is true we're going to make him the poster boy for steroid use.