EXCLUSIVE: O'Neil Bell puts Warrior's on blast, says May 6 not a done deal!

By G. Leon


EXCLUSIVE: O'Neil Bell puts Warrior's on blast, says May 6 not a done deal!

Why haven't the WBC and WBA sent the champs his belts yet?

GL: What can you tell us about the first defense of your undisputed cruiserweight championship scheduled to take place on May 6 against Steve Cunningham? "I'm looking forward to defending my titles, to keep the winning streak going and keep the momentum going. I got a lot of people interested in watching boxing. People are coming up to me telling me that's the best fight they've seen in our division in a long time and that's a motivation in itself, but until I get a presentable contract and not a contract where I am signing over my entire life. This goes out to whoever sent me the contract, I will not fight Steve until I receive a bona fide contract to where I'm not signing over my life. This is not slavery this is modern day times. I'm an independent man, I'm a free man."

GL: You said signing over your life, signing over your life to who? Don't you already have a promoter?

O'Neil Bell: "I have a promoter (Warrior's Boxing) but my promoter is not stepping up to the plate. I'm putting it all on record right now, Warrior's hasn't done shit for O'Neil Bell. It's all political. I'm putting it out there how it's supposed to be said."

GL: So you were obviously disappointed when they only bid $200,000 on your fight after sending out several press release about the O'Neil Bell Supernova explosion.

OB: "It's very disappointing. I know what I'm dealing with so it's better for me to defend myself the best way I can and not get into any litigation by signing any bullshit contracts where I'm actually signing my life over. Like I said I'm a free man and I will continue to be free. I'm an independent man and that's what I shall be. I'm doing so much for Warrior's promoting Warrior's and they really wasn't shit before they met O'Neil Bell and I put them on the fucking map and they treat me like a peasant. $200,000? That ain't shit."

GL: So as far as you're concerned May 6 is not a done deal?

OB: "It's not a done deal until I see a contract that a human being would sign, not no fucking slave. It's really disrespectful for me to look at that fucking contract and see all the rights I'm signing over, my life away."

GL: And who sent you that contract?

OB: "It came from King, he's the one promoting the fight and Warrior's never stepped up to revise the contract. Greg, I'm going to put it out there like this, I will give all of these motherfuckers back their belts to leave me the fuck alone until the boxing world is notified of what really goes on in boxing. It's a piece of shit, boxing is a piece of shit. Here I am the cruiserweight champion and I still haven't received any of the belts I won so I still carry out animosity towards these so called professionals in this fucking game. I'm doing a great deal for this sport and these so called professionals need to treat people fair. I'm not trying to rob from promoters or managers, I live my life and I'm trying to bring back respect to boxing to where people can say this sport is something to behold like it was back in the day."

GL: What's your contractual status?

OB: "Honestly I don't know. Warrior's is not stepping up, I'm getting contracts from King. Like I said continue to play your devilish ass games and I'm going to sit down and watch. I will not fight, they could have the fucking belts, I'm taking this serious but they're turning it into a game. I want to be the best boxer in the world and be recognized as that, not to play games with contracts. I have a destination and I have a place to be."

GL: Do you have representation and have they been in touch with the sanctioning bodies about your belts?

OB: "I represent myself. I'm an easy going guy, these guys sat there and told me I was getting my belts in two or three weeks. I shouldn't have to hound these guys down, I'm clearly the undisputed. I demand respect, I'm professional and I'm not going to go out of my way to impress these guys. They don't want to give me my belt they could keep it. I'm still a great man."

GL: No belts, but they took their sanctioning fee on time right?

OB: "Yes. They took astronomical amounts for the sanctioning fees. I've done been through the fucking lawsuits, I've done been through people trying to discredit my name and I still remain on a high pedestal."