By G. Leon



TYSON WANTS TARVER: "I'm going to do what Roy Jones should have done, knock the blackness off his ass!"

"I'm just so sick and tired of this this guy's talking that I'm going to come back and do what Roy Jones should have done and knocked the blackness off his ass! This bitch ass nigga ain't shit and I'm going to show that he ain't cut from the same cloth as I am. My only remorse is he ain't going to be able to do nothing with them big old country bootie girls when I knock his dick in the dirt!"

(Mike's phone cut off, but an hour later we were able to overcome the lousy international connection)

GL: What's good Mike?

Mike Tyson: "You know what's good. I'm out here (in Brazil) enjoying myself. I'm getting ready to go to Cafe Cocoa, that's where the very lavish ladies are at, and they're beautiful Greg, and we're going to have some fun Leon."

GL: Earlier you told me you're going to knock the blackness off Tarver, tell us some more about that.

Mike Tyson: You know on second thought, I'm a hard hitter, but I don't hit that hard. He could get hit with a damn nuclear missile and the blackness ain't coming off that black ass! (laughs)

GL: Tarver's been doing a lot of talking about wanting to fight you...

Mike Tyson: "Well you know we could both talk some dirt before the ass kicking he gets. But if we're talking some real nigga shit now, because we're dealing with a nigga, I'm going to have to come back down to my lower self and deal with this brother. But that brings out the best in me, of course you know.

"Tarver's a real kind of guy I could talk some business with while we fighting. I'm going to be whipping his ass talking about his big assed sister telling him all I want is just a little bit Antonio, not a lot just little bit."

"I don't bother nobody and here he comes picking on me. I've had nothing but nice things to say about the brother and he just wants to fuck me up. What kind of nigga is this? He's a disrespectful little motherfucker, but I got something for his ass."

GL: Is Tarver too small to mess with you Mike?

Mike Tyson: "I'm a strong believer that a man is never too small to win. I'd never think a man is too small to win. Someone who thinks a guy is too small to win is someone I'd call a sap, a sucker, a mark. An absolute imbicile, I'd have no respect for someone who thinks that way judgement at all."

GL: Do you feel enthusiastic about fighting again as a result of Tarver's talking?

Mike Tyson: "The way he's talking I'm just inspired to whoop his ass. And if he happens to get a couple of good hits in during the fight and loses, I still might want to give him a little post fight ass whooping too. He better hope he don't get any good shots in because if I get a black and blue or he breaks my nose or something, I'm going to fuck him up for real."

GL: You said you want to do something Roy Jones Jr was unable to do, can you elaborate on that?

Mike Tyson: "Yeah, eliminate this motherfucker. He's becoming a troublemaking motherfucker too. I thought I was bad, but this motherfucker really needs to tell somebody to hug his punk ass. Someone needs to hug his ass. Was I this fucked up when I was champion? Tell me Greg, be honest, was I this way when I was champion? I may have to go back and review some of my interviews."

GL: He's called your name because your name brings what he's looking for, that big money. He just knows this would be a big money fight, he feels that you ain't what you used to be so he feels he has a chance.

Mike Tyson: "Yeah but I'll jump on that motherfucker and get rid of him fast. I need to call Jeff Fenech up. I want you to put up an APB for Jeff Fenech. Jeff, I need you right now. Where are you? Someone is talking shit and we're going to kick his fucking ass. And if you don't help me do it in the ring we're going to have to do it outside and I know you don't want me to go to prison motherfucker so come on. I haven't been in touch with my brother Jeff in a while and I want him to come work with me so we can whip this bitch ass nigga's ass."

GL: What do you think about Klitschko's sudden retirement?

Mike Tyson: "Can I tell you something? The last time I was with him he was just such a together businessman. He didn't strike me as a fighter, he struck me as a man who carried himself like someone with political power. He had a polishedness about him. Heavyweights used to be barbarians, now they're fucking dignified. This guy speaks a bunch of languages, he's handsome as a fucking actor...I mean there's a lot of weird things going on out there in Ukraine and Russia. But he's a helluva guy and he fucked me up as a person. When you at his age and you got a lot of things going for you sometimes the desire is not there. He accomplished his goal. He watched me fight at 19 and he wanted to become the heavyweight champion and fight me from that point on. He never got to fight me, but that man accomplished his goal. Do you know what my goal was when I was a fighter?

GL: To be the greatest fighter that God ever produced.

Mike Tyson: "No that was Cus' goal. Do you know what mine was?

GL: Tell me.

Mike Tyson: "To put fear in every motherfucking heavyweight that ever existed. When they look at me, even if they were retired I wanted them to think, 'thank God I'm retired!' I wanted to put fear in their hearts and I wanted those motherfuckers sweating blood because Tyson's in town. The tyrannical titan Mike Tyson. I wanted them to think I would kill them, how dare they think they could beat me. Their fucking skills were primitive like neathandals and I'm a prototype of professional from a broken mold. And put this shit out there in the news. The mold has been broken from the professional in this game and it's Mike Tyson, the tyrannical titan!"

GL: After you saw Tarver-Jones III, you said you felt Roy was fighting him scared. Do you feel your aggression would be too much for him to deal with?

Mike Tyson: "He had to be because this man knocked him senseless the last time they fought. I believe he was apprehensive, but there was spots in that fight where Roy was doing some shit and then he just stopped. He was throwing some body shots and then coming with the uppercut to the head. I said, oh shit, that's some Mike Tyson connecting the dots type shit. He was doing it with the left hand and I was doing it with the right, but he was very successful with it. There were things in that fight that I never saw Roy do throughout his whole fucking career. I didn't think Roy could fight like that I was suprised that he had the capability to fight like that."

GL: Do you think Tarver could deal with heavyweight power?

Mike Tyson: "Yeah."

GL: Do you think he can deal with Mike Tyson power?

Mike Tyson: "I don't think so, but we're going to find out. I'm not going to underestimate him but I know I'm going to be throwing hydrogen bombs at him with bad intentions. And I'm going to throw every punch with the intentions of him taking a dirt nap. I'm going to try to give him a dirt nap and then I'm going to try and kiss on his sister anyway.

GL: People might look at this fight and say you're only coming back because it's a big payday for a smaller guy.

Mike Tyson: "I just want to whoop his ass to shut him the fuck up, I'll whoop his ass for charity. The money don't mean as much to me as whooping this black bastard's ass."

GL: Who's going to represent you during these negotiatons?

Mike Tyson: "Nobody represents me, nobody loves me. I'm just out here representing myself, but me and Tarver could go out there in Orlando and I could whoop his ass at Disney World in Florida, I don't give a shit."



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