EXCLUSIVE Lazcano: "De La Hoya is lying to save face!"

By G. Leon


EXCLUSIVE Lazcano: "De La Hoya is lying to save face!"

Denies making death threats to Don Chargin

Moments ago, world class lightweight contender Juan Lazcano told Boxingtalk.com, "Some TV station is saying that I made some death threats to Chargin. Not true. Marylyn Aceves is quoted in What's up magazine, a local magazine here in El Paso, she's saying the reason the Justin Jukko camp didn't come to terms was because of weight issues. Everything I told you when I spoke to you the other is the truth and I stand by my story.

"I told the Golden Boy people I wanted greatness and not keeping informed of what's going on, not telling me whether or not I'm fighting on TV, and taking their time to reimburse me for the training camp which I funded. I don't know if it's incompetence or lack of experience, but there's been multiple problems that they've been unable to solve.

"I just want out of this contract, I want them to release me. I see greatness for myself and obviously they don't feel the same way about me."

GL: Oscar told me that you pulled out of the Jukko fight. Not the other way around as you told me a few days ago.

Juan Lazcano: "They don't know what they're doing, at least that's how they act. They didn't know if I was fighting on TV, at least that's what they told me. They knew, they just didn't want to tell me I was making $20,000 to fight Jukko on PPV in my hometown.

"I realize that Barrera is a big name, but this is my hometown and there's a lot of people out here disappointed that I'm not on this show anymore.  But there's no professionalism on their part. They're lying to me because they knew that if I was in camp for so long I would probably go through with the fight.

"Then today I was going over to Oscar's hotel, and I wasn't going there to start any trouble, I was going there to talk with my promoter. I call up to the room and they told me he's not there, so I leave, I get in my vehicle to leave and then three or four blocks down the road I'm getting stopped by police asking me to get out my car, I got out, and then they asked me if I threatend Oscar De La Hoya because they got a call from Golden Boy saying I threatened him.

"I said that's a lie there's a lot of people in the lobby and nobody can say they saw me threaten him. I didn't even see him, so how was I supposed to threaten him?  I'm thankful that the media was right on everything because it could have gotten out of hand. The shit is getting ugly, they tried to set me up because the bottom line is, this is De La Hoya's image. This is my town but this is the town that buys the most PPV for Oscar De La Hoya.

"Some of the stations around here are editing out what I'm saying because he buys their time, but the bottom line is this, I'm tired of getting screwed."

"Things are supposed to be done the right way and they're doing things the exact opposite of how they should be done. They put themselves in this position by playing games with me and not knowing anything for over three weeks. Oscar can tell you he's behind me 100% all he wants, but how am I supposed to believe that he's being genuine when he's not showing me? All he's doing is calling the police on me!"


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