EXCLUSIVE: Floyd Mayweather PART II

By G. Leon


EXCLUSIVE: Floyd Mayweather PART II

GL: As much as you've been talking about becoming a PPV fighter, how disappointing would it beĀ if your next fight doesn't take place against on HBO PPV? "If it doesn't take place it's because he's ducking and dodging me. I'm literally chasing this guy down. It's like with De La Hoya, do I have to go to his crib in Puerto Rico or his crib in L.A.? I got a crib in L.A. too and we could meet somewhere and have a good brunch or something. And then there's shitty Shane Mosley, you know shitty Shane Mosley doesn't want no parts of me." Read on to see what one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world had to say.

"Answer me this, didn't they have Roy Jones Jr. rated #1 p4p? Didn't he beat Bernard Hopkins? So how is Hopkins ahead of me p4p then? You should rate pound for pound on how well guys do when switching weight classes. If that's the case I could have stayed at 130 and milked the title for years. Hopkins is 6'2 and he should be fighting at super middleweight."

GL: I'll be honest with you, I rate Bernard Hopkins over you pound for pound because he was a world champion before you even fought at the Olympics and he still hasn't lost.

FM: "Pound for pound has to do with guys who move up in weight. Why do you think Sugar Ray Robinson is known as one of the best pound for pound fighters in the history of boxing? Pound for pound goes by how many different weight classes you could change. You can't rate a fighter pound for pound if he's staying in the same weight class."

GL: I feel you Floyd, but to each his own.

FM: "True champions take chances."

GL: Are you trying to say that Bernard Hopkins is not a true champion?

FM: "I'm not saying that. It's time for him to step up and go to different weight classes. I look at it like this. Oscar De La Hoya gets dropped by a body shot and starts to beat the canvas but he can't get up? Don't beat the canvas, beat the guy that did this to you. And the shot wasn't even hard and then a week later they're partners sitting next to each other at a fight. If you see me at a fight it's sitting next to a female. I don't go to a fight to sit next to a dude."

GL: Floyd I'll be honest with you, I think you've got all the talent in the world and you have all of the tools to become a PPV star, but it's almost like you're a recluse from the media. Usually to become a PPV star you need to deal with the press a lot more often.

FM: "The thing is this, we need more reporters like you that write what they're hearing and what the fighters and people tell them instead of just writing whatever they want to write. Dave Mayo, he's from own hometown and all he's tried to do is tear me down.

"Gatti is scared of me, he was dismantled by Angel Manfredy and I made easy work out of him in two rounds. Guys in this fight game are scared of me and these guys don't want to talk. This is a brutal sport, this is a man's sport. Tennis and golf are for gentleman. This is a sport that is at the bottom of the barrell and you need is a hand game and that's what I got. I got the coldest hand game in boxing and if my frame was big enough to carry 160, believe me, Bernard Hopkins would have been knocked off the block."

"Out of my 33 fights, I'll give you six duds. All the rest of them have been exciting."

GL: What do you think about Cotto's last fight?

FM: "I think he's a good little fighter but they better keep out of my way. Every time he gets hit he gets shook up. I'm known as quick puncher. And what's so crazy about the whole situation with the Cotto fight is this. How are you going to be in a title fight and the dude's from Puerto Rico, the ref is from Puerto Rico and you're fighting in Puerto Rico.

"They shouldn't have stopped the fight. When DeMarcus Corley fought me he went down many times. But as soon as he takes a knee they stopped the fight. There's no way you could tell me Cotto is disciplined when he's coming in as a middleweight. That's no discipline. I weigh in at 140 and I show up the day of the fight at 142. That's discipline."

"I just need to promote myself in the urban area's so a lot of my people could see me fight."

GL: You know my man Damon Dash is really feeling you right now.

FM: "That's my man. Rocawear clothing line is the best clothing line in the world. This man sent me so much Rocawear stuff it's ridiculous. I even got the RocBox, nobody in America got one but he sent me one."

GL: Well you know right now he's into boxing now so maybe he's being extra nice to the flamboyant one waiting for the day that you're a free agent.

FM: "June 11. June 11. Give me under thirty minutes and I'll be a free agent. It's going to be easy work. Quick and easy. Arturo Gatti is a bum. All he ever beat was mediocre fighters. He beat journeyman. He's never beaten a top fighter. He got in there with De La Hoya, got dismantled. Got in ther with Angel Manfredy, got dismantled. Ivan Robinson punished him twice. Micky Ward punished him and left his face all swollen."

"I got heart, and I'm not worried about nothing Gatti could do. I'm going to Atlantic City. We could have brought this fight to Vegas, but I'm going to Atlantic City on his turf and take over in the ring."

"But the main story is this, after I'm done with Gatti, Oscar De La Hoya needs to stop ducking me."

GL: Floyd, you mentioned fighting Oscar De La Hoya and Shane Mosley at welterweight. What about your friend, the undisputed welterweight champ Zab Judah?

FM: "Zab is my friend and like anybody would say in the fight game, he feels he's the best I feel I'm the best. But I done proven myself over and over again. And I want you to know that I called Kostya Tszyu out before he even had the chance to call me out. But with Gatti all I need to know is, will he fight or will they mail me the belt? You know I'm accustomed to collecting WBC belts, it's just what I do."

"If Gatti decides to fight he better do some sit-ups and make sure his stomach looks like mine because I know he can't take it to the body. I know he can't it to the body."

GL: Did you know Buddy McGirt said he has the formula for Gatti to beat you?

FM: "Buddy McGirt better realize this, the same way Pernell Whitaker did him is how I'm going to do Gatti, only it's going to be worse. I'm the Pernell Whitaker of the 21st century, plus I got power. I'm a doctor and I'm going to be a doctor on June 11. I'm going to open Gatti up and then another doctor is going to close him up!"


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