EXCLUSIVE: Don Felix Speaks On Tito's Future!

By G. Leon


EXCLUSIVE: Don Felix Speaks On Tito's Future!

GL: What happened at last Friday's meeting with Don King? "The meeting went well, everything was pleasant. The names that were being dropped were Kassim Ouma, Jermain Taylor, Felix Sturm, Keith Holmes and the Mosley-Wright winner." Members click here for the rest of this informative MUST READ Interview

GL: I've written a story outling mentioning how I believe Mosley has the inside track to land the Trinidad fight.

Don Felix: "That could be true, but we're leaving that part of it to Don King. Don King is the one who takes care of that, when he comes to us with the opponent, as long as the fight is serious

GL: Were you pleased that De La Hoya's name wasn't on the menu? And were you upset that Bernard Hopkins name wasn't on the list?

Don Felix: "Look, just like you had surmised before, of course DK always tries to throw that name in there. Right now De La Hoya is a prom and he;s the promoter of Benrard Hopkins, you can't even consider him a fighter anymore. YOu have to understand that Bernard Hopkins is invovled in a legal battle with Don King and until they resolve that problem his name won't even be on the table. If DK doens't bring that name to the table we're not going to force the issue because we understand his position."

GL: Date of Trinidad's return?

Don Felix: "When we met with Don King we were looking for a date between April and May. Don King asked for some flexibility to make something happen in March, as long as we are in approval of the opponent and it would be a meanigful fight we would Don King flexibility for March, so it sounds like Don King has something on his mind for March.


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