EXCLUSIVE: Arum cites rib injury as reason Castillo couldn't make weight!

By G. Leon


EXCLUSIVE: Arum cites rib injury as reason Castillo couldn't make weight!

GL: Can you give us some thoughts on Castillo-Corrales II? "What a knockout! Let me tell you something, you know how football teams tell the players not to talk about the other team to really get them angry and get them super focused. Gary Shaw did such a number on Castillo that this Indian was so crazy that you wouldn't believe how focused and angry he was and that's how he fought the fight. He knew he was going to knock Corrales out. I'm telling you and I'm not just bullshitting, it was terrifying how angry he was. I love this guy, I love Castillo. Let me tell you something, most every fighter, except these crazy Mexicans would have called this fight off. This is something that I didn't know about until very, very late today. Two and half weeks ago he injured his ribs. It wasn't a break it was the cartilage that was torn or something like that. He came back from the mountains in Mexico and went to Mexicali and they told him he couldn't do anything for one week and that's when he put on the weight on he couldn't take it off. So I give Castillo a lot of props for even moving forward with the fight."

GL: A lot of people believe that he didn't even try to make lightweight. Just to be clear what you're saying is that he suffered a rib injury that prevented him from making weight?

Bob Arum: "That's the truth, that's really the truth I don't know what else to tell you, it's the absolute truth."

GL: If that's the case he should have no problem making lightweight for the rubbermatch, correct?

Bob Arum: "Well, but I'm not going...Listen, I'm just going to tell you frankly, I'm going to have leading nutritionists and doctors examine him and they're going to say yes or no for 135. We're not going to risk his health for any fight. But I agree with you, then it shouldn't be a problem. The kid says it's no problem for him to making it. And if could make 135 I'm not screwing around the fight will be 135. If the medical advice is he can't get down to 135 because of this or that, then if they want to fight us again it's going to have to be at 137 or 138. If he could make 135 he'll fight at 135. And I hope everyone realizes on the night of the fight Corrales weighed two pounds more than Castillo did."

"The rematch clause doesn't refer to weights and if we could make 135 we'll fight for the titles at 135. If not it'll be 137 or 138. And if Corrales doesn't want it then we'll just move on."

GL: Will the third fight take place immediately?

Bob Arum: "That's what the contract calls for."

GL: Gary Shaw told me the same thing. He also told me he didn't appreciate how you guys just left when it Corrales time to speak at the post-fight presser.

Bob Arum: "Castillo praised Diego at the press conference and he made it clear that he didn't like some of the people around Diego because they tried to humiliate him. And then he was finished, what the hell is he going to stand there for, we gave the podium so Gary and Diego could have their time. And then before he left he did interviews with the Spanish television. I wanted to get out of there because I had a huge dinner party with about eighty people. There was no reason to stay. We waited for Corrales to come, we were very complimentary of Corrales and then we left so they could have their time, it's that simple."

"Gary Shaw could say whatever he wants. He should look and say what gentleman both of the fighters are and the respect that they have for each other. Castillo was a very good winner. He wasn't gloating or anything and I thought Diego was a good loser. I must say though what really pleased me tremendously was how pleased Steve Wynn and Ceasar's were. I really felt great about that.

GL: If Castillo manages to get by Corrales again how likely is Castillo-Cotto?

Bob Arum: "Very. And if Corrales wouldn't want to fight at 137 or 138 if the doctors say he can't make 135 then we'd go right to a Cotto fight."

GL: How do you feel about what happened to Famoso Hernandez?

Bob Arum: "Did he get fucking robbed or what? It was a joke, that's what I told Duane Ford. When the fight started I was bragging how competitive it was early on, but by the end it became a blow out. He won the last eight rounds clearly, he beat the shit out of him and I don't know what fight Ford and Giampa were watching. The other judges had Famoso way ahead the way it should have been. Freddie Roach came over and said this is crazy we got the shit kicked out of us, the manager of Pacquiao told us that...everybody! Nobody could believe that decision."


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