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By Scott Shaffer


ESPN2 Report

Rodriguez rings up TKO3 over Hernandez

Delvin Rodriguez TKO3 Luis Hernandez... Delvin Rodriguez knocked Luis Hernandez down twice in the second and once in the third round, and then had Hernandez out on his feet, prompting referee Laurence Cole to wisely halt the action. The welterweight contest headlined ESPN2's telecast from El Paso, Texas. Rodriguez is now 19-1-1 while Hernandez, a former Olympian from Ecuador, falls to a reported 15-3, comprised of no losses in Ecuador and 3-3 in America. source: ESPN2 Friday Night Fights

Cesar Lopez W8 Alejandro Moreno... Cesar Lopez (19-3) ended a two-fight losing streak with an eight-round unanimous decision over Alejandro Moreno (12-18-3) in El Paso Texas on Friday. The official scorecards for this flyweight bout read 80-72 and 79-73 (twice). Lopez also outlanded Moreno 248-105 according to the ESPN2 telecast. It was the third bout between Lopez and Moreno (listed at 21-18-3), with Lopez winning all three by decision. Cesar, its time to move on, no need for a fourth bout. source: ESPN2 Friday Night Fights