Duva speaks on partnership with Don King

By G. Leon


Duva speaks on partnership with Don King

GL: What can you tell us about your recent partnership with Don King? "Don and I have entered into a partnership. Duva Boxing is still a seperate entity and I still run the day to day activity of Duva Boxing, but Don did buy 50% of my company and I'm real glad and excited to have him as a partner. Don bought 50% of Duva Boxing LLc, but I still run the operation and administrate all of the contracts."

GL: So King is your financial equal, but you're still running the show. You're still the boss but he has a 50% equity in your company?

DD: "Correct and we're also looking at some other projects where I'm going to be working with Don King Productions. It's basically a marriage between Don and I and I'm looking forward to some of the great things that we're going to be able to do together. There will be a formal announcement at the Peter-Toney II announcement. The word has been getting around a little over the last couple of weeks and there's no reason to deny it or keep it quiet. I want the world to know and Don wants the world to know that we're going to be partners."

GL: Does working with King make it easier to manuever with Peter since Don is a man of great influence with the sanctioning bodies?

DD: "It really has nothing to do with the sanctioning bodies. What I think it does is provide more flexibility and muscle to my company and promoting Samuel Peter, Kendall Holt, Mike Marrone and everyone else I promote in the future. Having Don King as a partner and being able to control the fighters is the best of both worlds. The only effect it can have on my company is positive and I'm really looking forward to this partnership. And also Greg, to be honest with you, it certainly will make it easier and smooth to make big, big heavyweight unification if Don is still promoting some of the other champions, which I strongly believe will happen in the first half of next year, if Don has two of the other champions like he does now it will only make it easier to make a unification bout with Sam. That goes without saying. With Don as partner, it will make it that much easier to unify the titles with Sam. I haven't felt this excited about the business in a while and I'm looking forward to 2007.

GL: The fight with Axel Schulz and Minto seems to be going off without your consent. Will the lawsuit follow when they return?

DD: "That's the only choice I've been left with by Minto and his liar, phony manager Pat Nelson. I will pursue this aggressiveness. I know I have a contract with him and I expect it to be honored. When they get back from Germany they better get some strong attorney's right away."

GL: When can we expect to see Kendall Holt back in the ring?

DD: "I'm working out some logistics to get him added to the Peter-Toney fight on January 6. The most important thing is to find the right opponent to get in the ring with Kendall. He looked so awesome in his last fight that a lot of guys have been reluctant about fighting him. My goal is to keep him busy and get him that big fight as soon as possible. He's ready for anyone right now."


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