Duva speaks on Peter's victory and future plans!

By G. Leon


Duva speaks on Peter's victory and future plans!

GL: Can you give us some thoughts on Samuel's clear cut victory over James Toney? "First of all, regarding James Toney and Samuel Peter, what Samuel did was close the books on the situation with James Toney. I love James Toney and I think he's a great legendary fighter, but last night I think we closed the books on James Toney and now the only thing we're thinking about, and we're going to get it, is Samuel fighting Oleg Maskaev immediately. And if Maskaev tries to wiggle out of it he can go back to Russia and Samuel can become champion. I hope Maskaev is man enough to want to defend his title against the true challenger at heavyweight, Samuel Peter."

GL: When do you expect the mandatory to get enforced?

Dino Duva: "Immediately. His next bout. I'm going to call on Jose Sulaiman and the WBC to order these negotiations to begin immediately, meaning tomorrow. There's probably going to be a 30 day negotiation period and hopefully we can make a deal where everybody is happy. But I am calling on Jose to order these negotiations immediately and be a man of his word."

GL: If Samuel shows up for Maskaev the way he showed up for James Toney, how does that fight play out?

DD: "Samuel will knock him out and Samuel has showed what we've been saying all along, which is that he's getting better with every fight. In my opinion he's the best heavyweight in the world, but we want to prove it to the fans and the other champions so there's no doubt that he's the best heavyweight in the world. We're looking to face Maskaev as soon as possible. Samuel came to my room today and he told me he's ready to fight Maskaev next week and he told me this after he ran four miles the day after his fight, so what does that you about Sam Peter? We all want Maskaev as soon as possible, but we have to be a little understanding regarding TV dates and time, but sometime before May this fight will happen. Samuel is on a mission to prove he's the best. In my opinion when Samuel hits his peak in the next year or two I believe he's got what it takes to become a legendary champion."

GL: Who will be negotiating with Dennis Rappaport? Will it be you or Don King?

DD: "It'll be me. Duva Boxing is Samuel Peter's promoter. I'm the President, CEO and I manage everything. I will be negotiating with everyone. Obviously, I respect Don's intelligence and ability so I will consult with Don, that's why we've joined forces."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

DD: "Boxingtalk is where it's at. What else can I say? In my last interview I told you 2007 was going to be the year of the Nigerian Nightmare and I don't think there's a heavyweight out there that could prove me wrong."


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