Duva speaks on Maskaev-Peter, Kendall Holt and more

By G. Leon


Duva speaks on Maskaev-Peter, Kendall Holt and more

GL: How is Samuel Peter looking a couple of weeks removed from the biggest fight of his life? "This is it for Samuel. This is the one for all the marbles. This has been his longest training camp ever and I'm confident that on October 6 we're going to start a new era in heavyweight boxing, the Sam Peter era."

GL: Is this the sharpest you've ever seen him before a fight?

Dino Duva: "Yes. The biggest thing for Samuel is being in camp. By the time all is said and done he will have been in camp for seven and a half weeks and that's unheard of for Samuel. It's just everything, the mental, the physical, the focus of being in camp for that long is the best possible situation for Samuel. I'm very confident going into this fight."

GL: If Samuel is successfull on October 6, what are the chances he fights Vitali Klitschko next?

DD: "First I want to comment on the odds. I don't think it's quite fair to Oleg Maskaev based on some of the odds that I'm hearing. I think making Samuel such a big favorite isn't right to Oleg Maskaev. But when he wins, the WBC has mandated that Samuel fights Vitali next. But, and quite honestly this is a big but, will Vitali be ready to fight him. If he's ready to fight when we win, we'll fight him but if he's not we're not going to wait for him like last time. We're not going to delay Samuel's career any longer. We're going to bring it to Vitali, if he says yes we'll do it, but we're not going to delay Samuel any longer."

GL: Following Vitali's fifth pullout, are you concerned that he might not show up on fight night?

DD: "Of course I am. I'd have to be crazy not to be. That'll certainly come into play and it will come into consideration when the time comes to begin negotiating. It's absolutely a concern of ours and it has been from day one. We're going to take it one step at a time. The only thing we're thinking about is Oleg Maskaev on October 6. It's going to be a great night at Madison Square Garden and I believe Kendall will bring home the title."

GL: I spoke with Kendall Holt recently. He told me there was going to be a hearing for your dispute on September 21. He also mentioned that he'd like to have a sitdown with you and his manager. Will that take place prior to the 21st?

DD: "I have not been contacted by anyone, but I would love to sit down and talk things out. Nobody wants to go to court and nobody wants to pay legal fees. If I'm approached or told that there's a possibility of sitting down to put a stop to things, I'm for that. But as of now I'm not aware of anything."

GL: According to Kendall a sitdown from day one could have prevented this. Do you agree with that?

DD "I don't know about that, but I didn't make the move to bring us to where we're at. I saw some things in Kendall's interview where he says I flew off the handle and maybe I did. One thing I don't take lightly is disloyalty. But you know what? That's in the past. If things could be worked out for the future at a sitdown I'm all for it."


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