Duva says Peter-Toney II in the works for January 6 at Foxwoods!

By G. Leon


Duva says Peter-Toney II in the works for January 6 at Foxwoods!

GL: There was a purse-bid scheduled for yesterday afternoon for the Sam Peter-James Toney rematch. The purse-bid never took place. What can you tell us about those negotiations? "Myself and Dan Goossen and Don King, who are the promoters for James Toney have all agreed that it would be best to cancel the purse-bid and we expect to have a deal made within the next couple of days."

GL: When did this mutual agreement amongst the promoters take place?

Dino Duva: "We've been talking for the better part of a week and we all decided that it would be best for everyone, especially the fighters if we can make an amicable deal. Sometimes the fighters think a purse-bid is the best way to go, but in this instance, I believe it's better to avoid the purse bid and I expect the deal to be done within the next couple of days."

GL: When will this fight take place?

DD: "I think the safest bet is January on Showtime. There's a possibility it could be the first Saturday of February or at a later date in January but right now we're targeting the first Saturday in January, January 6."

GL: Any idea when the fight might take place?

DD: "If they fight on January 6 it'll be at Foxwoods and we should know it the next couple of days if it's going to get finalized. I'm optimistic that this is the best deal out there for James Toney, samuel Peter and everyone else involved, so I plan on being back on Boxingtalk.com before the end of the week."

GL: Speaking of the end of the week, you have Kendall Holt headlining on Shobox this weekend...

DD: (cutting in) "It's going to be a terrific show. The main event is Kendall Holt-Isaac Hlatswayo and these two guys are the top two 140 pound prospects in the world. It's a twelve round for the NABO title and the winner of this fight is going to be right in the mix as a deserving challenger for a title shot. We also have an opening bout, an excellent bout between two outstanding welterweight prospects. Shamone Alvarez is a tremendous local attraction in Atlantic City and he's fighting Enrique Gutierrez who is also undefeated. He's a Golden Gloves champ from California and it's going to be a great show for the fans, for Atlantic City and for Shobox."

GL: Kendall's career has been filled with ups and downs. The big fight he's been looking for has eluded him thus far. Does a victory on Friday night ensure Kendall a big money fight for early next year?

DD: "It puts him, without a doubt as the future of the 140 pound division. Whoever wins this fight is the future of the division bar none as the fresh new face in the title picture. Hlatswayo is undefeated and he's been on a real roll. Kendall knows this is the most important fight of his career and he's trained accordingly. Kendall has all the gifts to become a superstar. He had some setbacks with injuries but I've never seen him more focused for a fight than he is right now."


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