Duva on Peter-Toney: "If Samuel doesn't knock him out, he's going to give him a bad beating!"

By G. Leon


Duva on Peter-Toney: "If Samuel doesn't knock him out, he's going to give him a bad beating!"

GL: Can we have some final thoughts on the big fight this weekend? "The tension, the drama and the anticipation is building up and this is a really exciting time. Everyone has been waiting for this fight and it's going to be a real exciting heavyweight match for the boxing world. I feel really good about Samuel for this fight and I'm really looking forward to Samuel giving James a real bad ass whooping."

GL: What are the keys to victory for Samuel that will lead to that ass whooping?

Dino Duva: "Everything. Samuel's power, strength, hand speed and boxing skills, which nobody has ever seen from him before."

GL: So you're expecting to see a complete fighter, not just a guy going in there looking for the knockout with every shot, correct?

DD: "That's right, that's right! I'm expecting him to throw many more punches than he's ever thrown in a fight and he's going to fight with bad intentions and he's going to give this disrespectful little prick the ass whooping he deserves."

GL: As far as you're concerned, will this fight be a statement to show how Samuel has grown from last September when he fought Klitschko?

DD: "That's correct. This is going to be the coming out party for Samuel Peter, the fight where he puts it all together and this is where he makes his statement and everybody realizes how good this kid could be."

GL: The last time we spoke you said you liked Samuel to win the fight, have your formed a KO prediction yet?

DD: "I don't like making specific predictions. I know Samuel is going to win. If Samuel doesn't knock him out he's going to give James a bad beating! I'll be honest with you Greg, I heard some things James Toney said, and I haven't confirmed them but I heard some things he said about Ivaylo and he made references to Ivaylo's wife and I'm really pissed off about it if it's true. He said some really nasty things. This guy has no class at all. He's a disrespectful punk who deserves a bad beating and I think Samuel is just the guy to give it to him."

GL: What are your thoughts regarding some of the latest developments at heavyweight? Klitschko-Brock and the possibility of Liakhovich-Briggs?

DD: "As soon as I heard Shannon signed with Don, I figured the Brock fight would be made. I never thought Maskaev fighting Klitschko was real. Once Shannon signed with Don I figured Klitschko would fight Brock, but that's just a keep busy fight for Klitschko. Quite honestly, I'm disappointed that he didn't go for a bigger fight. I thought he should have done a unification fight with someone. I'm surprised they didn't make Klitschko-Liakhovich because that was the right fight for both guys. The opening was there and that's what the boxing world wants, unfication, especially in the heavyweight division. There were both there timing wise and availability wise and that's the fight they should have made, unfortunately everybody outside of the fighters have their own agendas and that's one of the problems we run into when that happens."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

DD: "It's Boxingtalk! What else has to be said? This is where it's at. I just want boxing fans to tune into to Showtime this weekend for a great heavyweight fight. The Staples Center is going to be the Center of the Boxing Universe this weekend and there's going to be some real heavyweight fireworks. This is going to be a memorable fight, I just hope James Toney doesn't wind up doing what he says he never does, running."


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