Duva fires back at Rappaport

By G. Leon


Duva fires back at Rappaport

Dino Duva: Kendall Holt is getting bad advice from a slimeball manager

GL: I imagine you'd like to respond to our recent interview with Dennis Rappaport Dino. "Well to be honest with you Greg, it confirms everything I've worried about with Dennis Rappaport, and it confirms everything Dennis has done, and the position he has put his fighter Oleg Maskaev in. He's trying to come up with some politically correct story about collusion regarding Don King and the WBC, and it's just a phony facade and smoke screen to defect attention from the real issue here. Dennis Rappaport does not want Oleg Masakev to fight Sam Peter. He's been jerking around Sam Peter, the WBC and Duva Boxing for almost a year now by doing anything he can to avoid fighting Sam Peter. This is just a big smokescreen, everybody always wants to hear stories about Don King and the WBC, or Duva Boxing did this and Don King did that, it's total bullshit.

"His representation of the facts going back to last year is distorted and twisted just to fit his agenda and it's sickening. I'm not going to respond to his allegations because the way it looks right now, it looks like we will be in court. We're going to filing a counterclaim against them for the damage they've caused over the last eight or nine months. I wonder what Oleg Masakev, who I respect as a warrior has to say. I wonder what his position is or if Dennis Rappaport is giving him bad information. I wonder if he's telling his fighter the truth, because the truth is he's very close to causing Oleg Maskaev to lose his belt outside of the ring and that's a disgrace. Oleg Maskaev probably wants to go through with the Sam Peter fight on October 6, so it's either he's allowing Dennis to screw everything up or Dennis just isn't telling him everything.

"If he allows Dennis to cause him to lose his title outside of the ring, it would be one of the biggest disgraces in the history of boxing. All I can tell you is Don King has announced that he's ready to promote the fight on October 6, Showtime has announced that they're ready to televised and Madison Square Garden is ready to stage it there. Duva Boxing and Sam Peter have signed our contracts with Don King. This is all just a ploy and smoke screen to avoid having Oleg Maskaev fight Sam Peter and he's living very dangerously with his fighters career the way he's acting. You know it's just the same old story. Everything Dennis Rappaport since Oleg Maskaev won the title has been to avoid fighting Sam Peter, the undisptued mandatory contender in the heavyweight division."

GL: Rappaport is saying the WBC hasn't provided him with their position...

Dino Duva: (cutting in) "Dennis Rappaport is suing the WBC, so who the hell is he to demand that they provide him with their position. If he's suing them I'm sure the WBC will state their position in court. That's bullshit and should not hold him up signing the contract. The WBC's position is clear Oleg Maskaev has to fight Sam Peter for the mandatory. Rappaport is full of shit. Sign a bout agreement, go through with the fight and state your position in court."

GL: So there's no validity to his claim that once your bid was defaulted, King's bid, which according to Rappaport was supposed to be dropped, came back to effect illegally?

DD: "Look, the WBC heavyweight championship for the past year has been a whole big mess and it's just a coincidence that it's happening when Oleg Maskaev wins the title. But I don't blame Oleg Maskaev, I blame his crazy promoter. The fact is that Oleg Maskaev, through Dennis Rappaport has disgraced the WBC championship."

GL: What's the latest with Kendall Holt?

DD: "I believe and hope he's getting ready to fight Ricardo Torres in Columbia on September 1. Unfortunately, Kendall, his manager and I are in a dispute right now because they're suddenly trying to say that my contract isn't valid anymore. After I raised him from the dead to get him a title fight, all of a sudden my contract isn't valid. It's disgraceful, but you know what? I hope Kendall goes through with the title fight and I hope he wins it. I believe in Kendall and his ability and ultimately, I expect him to do the right thing. But right now he's getting brainwashed by a slimeball manager, who is giving him bad advice and that's one of the unfortunate things about this business."


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