Duva: Peter Will Stop Toney, 2007 The Year of The Nigerian Nightmare

By G. Leon


Duva: Peter Will Stop Toney, 2007 The Year of The Nigerian Nightmare

GL: Dino, can you tell us what we can expect to see from Samuel Peter on saturday night? "I believe this is the most motivated and focused that Samuel has ever been for a fight. He was looking forward to facing Oleg Maskaev immediately after he defeated James Toney on September 2,  now Samuel is looking to completely dominate James Toney from the first round on. We know that James Toney has Billy Blanks training him, I just hope that all of that Tae Bo isn't James training to run around the ring because if he is, Samuel can dance too...from a comfortable distance. I read your interview with Dan Goossen and I don't know who he thinks he's fooling by saying James Toney is going to stop Samuel Peter. I believe everyone who watched the first fight clearly saw that James Toney was the fighter most hurt. Samuel never needed the ropes to hold him up, so this interview isn't going to take you an hour like your interview with Dan and it's not going to filled with any bullshit like your interview with Dan.

GL: Ivaylo and Samuel both told me this fight is going to end by knockout, do you agree with the rest of Team Peter?

Dino Duva: "We all respect James Toney, but I have to concur with them, I believe Samuel Peter will take this fight out of the judges hands and eliminate any so called controvery with a knockout. As long as Toney comes to fight and not run around the ring after all of his Tae Bo training, Samuel will knock him out. But if he brings his dancing shoes, we can dance too."

GL: what's the blueprint for Samuel Peter in 2007?

DD: "Obviously we're expecting a tremendous performance from Samuel on Saturday night. We will then look to immediately begin nrgotiations for a Maskaev fight fight and then hopefully unify toward the end of the year. In another few months Samuel will be the heavyweight champion of the world and then we'll work from there."

GL: Is James Toney a more difficult and dangerous fight for Samuel than Oleg Maskaev?

DD: "I believe Samuel is going to be the one to bring prominence back to the heavyweight divison so don't view any fight as dangerous for him, but based on skills and experience I would have to say James Toney has the edge over Maskaev.

GL: How have ticket sales been going?

DD: "We're expecting it to be a star studded crowd flooded with South Beach celebrities. It's really going to be a scene and everyone is going to be in for a fight to rememeber with Samuel hand getting raised after a sensational performance."

GL: What's going to be next for Kendall Holt?

DD: "Kendall is going to be fighting in February, he will be fighting for the mandatory position at 140 pounds, so we're obviously gunning for Ricardo Torres. 2007 is going to be a breakout year for Kendall Holt. He's always looking for a challenge and when he captures his first world title he'll be ready to unify with any champion brave enough to get in the ring with him."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

DD: "Boxingtalk rocks, but you already know that. You probably know this too, but I'm going to say it anyway, Showtime Championship Boxing is starting of 2007 with an explosion and his name is Samuel Peter. And be sure to tell Dan Goossen I said he's full of shit."


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