Duddy and Shea becoming MSG regulars!

By Kirk Lang


Duddy and Shea becoming MSG regulars!

Super featherweight Maureen Shea, who returns to Madison Square Garden Friday, Sept. 29, is making history. Earlier this year, she became the first female to fight on one of Lou DiBella’s "Broadway Boxing" shows. When she fights on the undercard of the IBA middleweight title fight between rising star John Duddy and Luis Ramon "Yory Boy" Campas, she’ll will be able to claim, along with female boxing legend Christy Martin, of having fought professionally at the Mecca of Boxing on two occasions. Shea first fought at the Garden back in March.

Not bad for a college student. Shea is currently a senior at Iona College in New Rochelle, NY.

It should be noted that Martin didn’t make a second appearance at Madison Square Garden until she was more than 45 bouts into her career and 30-something years old. Shea will likely fight at the Garden many more times. She’s only 25 and just turned professional last year.

Shea is returning to World’s Most Famous Arena, in only her eighth fight, when other New York-based female fighters haven’t even fought there once. It’s fair to say Shea could become a regular attraction at the Garden. Once Friday is over, 25 percent of Shea’s bouts will have taken place at Madison Square Garden. Shea has clearly become a fixture on the fight scene in Manhattan. In addition to twice having displayed her talents as MSG, she fought twice for DiBella a couple of blocks away at Manhattan Center.

Duddy is also becoming quite the Madison Square Garden regular. The Sept. 29 fight against Campas will mark his third fight at the arena this year alone.

In March, he blasted out Shelby Pudwill in one round. When Duddy faced off against Alfredo Cuevas in June, he registered another TKO victory when Cuevas’ corner called a halt to the bout between the seventh and eighth round. Duddy’s latest assignment – against Campas – is expected to be more of a challenge, as Campas is a former world champion and with a 88-8 record, has a tremendous amount of ring experience. Though Campas is considered past his best fighting days, it will be interesting to see how he matches up against the still-developing Duddy (17-0, 15 KOs). The IBA title fight between Duddy and Campas is scheduled for 12 rounds. Duddy has never yet engaged in a 12-round bout and has only gone 10 rounds once in his career.

Those interested in seeing Shea and Duddy before they possibly become world champions – and while a ticket to see them is still reasonably inexpensive – should call 212-835-1582 for "Shamrocks and Sombreros" ticket information.


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