Donnell Holmes blasts Arreola and Johnson


Donnell Holmes blasts Arreola and Johnson

Says they are protected fighters

Dear Chris Arreola & Kevin Johnson: Your promoters have done a good job of making the public think you are good fighters. People on this site say I haven't fought anyone. I want to fight the best, so why don't one of you two be my step-up fight.

Arreola, you were at my fight with Billy Zumbrum last year calling me out. So now why don't you "Put up or Shut up." Or did you see something in that fight that is a little over your head? I was mention for your November fight, but you or mother Goossen got scared and put in Robo-man, stiff mechanical Travis Walker. That wasn't a war, it was a JOKE.

Johnson "Queenpin" you were calling me a "PUNK" earlier this year, saying your people offered me a fight with you twice and I wouldn't take it. Well now the readers on this site can really see who the punk is because I'm not going on hearsay, I'm calling you out.

A fight with either of you two would be easy because neither of you two even have the basics. Arreola you throw punches like a quarterback going long with a football and Queenpin you slap like a girl, look like you are fencing. I would stop either of you.

To all my critics and all the rest now you have it to help you see I haven't turned down fights. These bums are protected by their promoters. That leaves fighters like me all dressed up and no where to go.

Star Boxing and Goossen are businessmen that don't want no part of a fighter like me against their guys. Some of the 15 and 15 fighters in the sport are better fighters than these two. They have losses because they have had real fights without protection.

From The Man Himself
Donnell Holmes
29-0, 25KOs