Don The Bomb in action tonight, calls out Andre Ward!

By Socrates Palmer Jr


Don The Bomb in action tonight, calls out Andre Ward!

“I barely got a sweat going,” is how Don “Da Bomb” George described his last bout, in which he made short work of former mixed martial arts combatant Robert Smallwood. George disposed of his opponent within two rounds earning a TKO on June 16th.

“He was exactly what I expected and what I told you when we last spoke, I knew he was going to come out and try to bully me and throw haymakers, but once he felt the pain he wanted no more. The body attack was the key me and my dad have been working on that in the gym,” said George.

With this latest victory the undefeated Super Middleweight, improved his record to eight wins with zero losses, and six via knockouts, and one draw. Now less than 5 weeks later George is back in the ring. The 21 year old Cestus Management creation is back in action on Friday night as part of the supporting cast of a Dominic Pelosi, 8 Count Promotions bout sheet.

“I was happy with my performance because I won, but I give myself a grade of a B,  because I got hit twice and there was no way I should of got hit with the stuff he threw at me,” said George.

Once again George will be fighting in front of a partisan crowd as this card is slated to be at the Aragon Ballroom in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois. In his 10th fight as a professional “Da Bomb” will be tussling with 10-6-1, Joe Varela, of Phoenix, Arizona in a scheduled six round match.

“Da Bomb” is rolling, and he is not just back with a bang, but he is a nuclear explosion”, stated Mike Michael.

Cestus Management’s spokesperson Mike Michael, is very excited at the prospects of his hot prospect. Michael sees no ceiling on how big of a star George can be. In fact Michael will personally inform anyone that it is only a matter of time before George is mentioned among the elite of the sport.

“Donovan George is the new breed of boxer in the 21st century. He will be spearheading the crop of new fighters. Boxing is going through a change the guys from the mid 90’s are slowly fading out, Hopkins is retiring, Winky is getting older, it’s a changing of the guard and the fans of this sport are looking for someone new”, said Michael.

The brash George agrees with his advisor Michael. “Da Bomb”, is also not timid on pointing out his potential either.

“I’m Oscar De La Hoya without the gold medal,” said George.
Friday evening will mark the seventh time that George will be fighting in the state of Illinois. George says that he always appreciates when he can let his family and fiends see him in the ring.

“It’s a huge benefit fighting here again. I’m sleeping in my own bed, I’m eating great food and the fans in Chicago are starting to accept me and I think I’m building a strong fan base. There is nothing like fighting on your home turf,” said George.

If all goes well for “Da Bomb” against the journeyman Varela Michaels sees his precocious pugilist transitioning from six rounders, straight to ten rounders by the end of the year. This is a very similar course of action that Cestus took when guiding the career of their ace fighter undefeated “Mighty” Mike Arnaoutis. Michaels feels that within the next 26 months Chicago will have their own born and bred world champion from the “Windy City.”
George points out that he is always confident in everything that he does. He feels that because of the fact that his hand is at 100% that his brought his confidence, which has never been an issue to a new level.

“My next time out I’ll destroy whoever Mike puts in front of me. I get so pumped up before my fights. I’m ready to destroy I want blood on my gloves, I’m ready to go,” said George.

If “Da Bomb” had the opportunity to play match maker his next fight immediately after Friday night would be against former Olympian and currently fellow undefeated Andre Ward.

“I want Andre Ward so bad. He has a glass jaw everybody knows that. I’d love for him to fight me. This is not the amateur’s pretty boy,” said George.

“He is probably the most over rated middleweight out there. He reminds me of David Reid. He is the 2004 version of him, he was good until his chin got exposed,” said George.

“Da Bomb” feels that the 9-0, Ward is just a product of marketing who is riding the wave of the Olympic hype machine. George who has never met Ward in or out of the ring ever before says that its nothing personal against his contemporary, its just that he feels that Ward is being touted too highly. In fact he feels that Ward has been feeding off a silver platter. George describes himself, as a student of the sport and is fully aware of the marketability that he posses. George is part Irish and Greek. He is also not blind to another middleweight who is getting a lot of attention, John Duddy. He says a fight with him and Duddy down the line could be huge, due to their related Celtic heritage.

“I feel in my heart and the soles of my shoes that “Da Bomb” is not only going to be a world champion, but that he are special. He has the pedigree and the desire. He is what I’ve been looking for. I am blessed and fortunate. He’s old school, he is a throwback boxer. He does not fight for the trimmings”, stated Michael.

Michael says that George is more impressive outside of the ring than he is inside of it. Michael sees George as a very grounded and mature man. He says that he has never seen a 21 year old handle himself quite the same way. Michael calls him a hard worker and a very diligent and disciplined fighter.

“From 160 to 168 get ready, “Da Bomb” is coming for everyone’s ass. People and other fighters and can read these words and they can say big deal, but get in the ring and they will be on the other side of a tremendous beating”, said Michael.

“I want to give everyone a heads up. I’m here. I will do anything to win. I will die in that ring if I have to. I’m here”, said George.


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